To: me, From: me V-day gift.....

  1. Went to LV today after reading Photo's post regarding V-day gift....nothing for BF yet, yikes! Took Stephen w/me, boy, was i right about it! LV was filled w/pp in there to purchase v-day gift, expected it'd be some waiting before SA can help me (which i don't mind at all, browsing alone is even better), but as soon as i step in, shoppers turn their heads and whispered about Stephen, 3 SAs excuse themselves from clients they were assisting and rushed to help me....not to mention even my Chanel SA came in to say hi, and congrats for getting Stephen b/c she spotted it far away.

    As usual they didn't have the complete selection i want to see side by side, but I managed to got my own V-day gift...Damier Brazza Wallet! It sure pays off to be patient for that perfect wallet, b/c Brazza is like SO for me: TWELVE CC slots, zipped coin compartment, FIVE long compartments, which are perfect for bills(i hate folding them), receipts, and it's even in my favorite Damier print!!!! Yippee!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:SA said they just got it last week, and didn't even expect anyone to know about it this soon....let's just say tPF is the best for latest inside scoop of LV:graucho:

    What happen to BF's gift? Well, I am still torn between Loup in terre(thanks to arnott;) ) and pochette Melville, love em both, but BF is too drunk to give any feedback ATM:cursing: . Guess I can order from trusty Elux to save some tax :jammin:
    Bbox.JPG Bopen.JPG Bside.JPG Binside.JPG
  2. and some more pix, btw, the back don't have any extra compartments in case you are wondering.
    Bleft.JPG Bright.JPG
  3. Congrats! Love the Brazza!
  4. i love your "watermarks"! love the wallet!
  5. Congrats! Love it!
  6. thanks!
  7. thanks, i can never master the art of water mark, so the 'stamps' will do for me lol
  8. Congratulations! I love the wallet. I'm still trying to decide on which wallet to get.
  9. perfect wallet, congrats! it's so much more convenient to have CCs, cash, coins and receipts all in one place.
  10. Congrats on the perfect wallet, they're so hard to find. It's beautiful!
  11. Congrats! That's a snazzy wallet; Happy Valentines to You!
  12. brazza is sooooo functional! congrats! (and the name is sooooo hot if you say it in French....iono.... I'm weird lol)
  13. Congrats to you...but so sorry to those poor people the SA's ran from. sucks...Anyhow....good choice.
  14. Gorgeous! Looks very useful!
  15. that wallet is wonderful!

    and *youre welcome* for giving you the itch to go LV tonight! i almost did (for a mono c/c holder!) but i got called for a job! so i had to go work!

    that wallet is lovely, great pix!

    What kind of 'stamps' are those on your pix? i really love them!