To "mature" for certain colors???

  1. OK- I'm totally copying rockerchics line but her thread and my new love for all the hermes colors got me thinking.....How old is too old for certain colors in bags? I've always been a black or brown girl but hermes just does colors sooo well. All I own is a rouge G bolide-it's neutral enough for me to get away with. But....I love blue jean and I saw a vert anis kelly yesterday that has been stalking my mind ever since! I'm hitting the big 4-0 this summer but am still 20 something at heart;) ! What colors are too young for ladies our age and older?

    Oops-sorry-meant to say 'TOO' mature in my thread title! My high school english teacher would have failed me!!!
  2. OMG!!! I don't think you can be too old for color!!! EVER!!!:graucho: Check out the Socialites and Hermes thread! You'll see ladies of different ages with bags of all sorts of color! And since when is 40 mature/old?!;)
  3. Don't you know... 40 is the new 20!:p

    Seriously though.... I'm in my mid-50s :nuts: and I don't even think about that when choosing colors. I get what I like. So, no, I don't think you're in any way "too mature" for certain colors!
  4. LOL!! Thanks LVaddict! My staff are all in their early 20's at work and sometimes I just feel downright ancient!!
  5. While I have been told by several "helpful" friends that I'm now too OLD for fuchsia and pink, I still get them anyway. I think as long as you love the color, just get them and enjoy them! Hermes does colors so well that you should really take advantage of it.
  6. Yes Kallie- 40 is the new 20! Heck- I'll take it being the new 30!!!
  7. This is a great topic! If you are young at heart and have fun with everything you do you can pull off any color your heart desires. You can have a 20yo who is too "mature" for a fun color and a 40yo who can rock a bold color. It's all in the attitude.

    With that said, I am having a similar problem...I know gold is neutral but I find that it makes me more mature then I am LOL!
  8. Color is a personal preference and, frankly, I hope I am always rockin' a red bag regardless of my age! :jammin:
  9. I'm probably still going to be sporting fuchsia and Rose Shocking decades from now...

  10. You go kou!!:wlae:
  11. same here, I buy the colors that I is the attitude that defines that color that goes with you.. I am hoping.. heheh
  12. oh my gosh! i don't think anyone could be too old for blue jean or vert anis, they are fantastic colors that would add a pop to anyone's wardrobe. no different from a fabulous colorful blouse except it's Hermes! :wlae:
  13. PGN, at our age, I think we should stick to black.

    JK, girl!! I love a pop of color...but personally I can't pull off pastels...I'd say that is about it!
  14. I think colour is something to be embraced, not avoided, as you get older. Head to toe fuchsia might be too much now (actually, when would it have been good?), but I don't see why you shouldn't have a bag in that colour if you like it. In fact "safe" colours can be more ageing than lively colours.
  15. I think the older I get the more I might go for a colour - anything to distract from my wrinkles, Vert Anis is just gorgeous and sometimes the confidence that comes with maturity (if 40 CAN be called mature) may help carry it off with aplomb. Go for it.