To massai owners - just a quick question

  1. I 'm looking at purchasing a massai/evelyne as my first H bag this year but haven't found much info on massai. I just like to know what kind of lining it has on the inside. Cloth or leather. I tried it on in the store weeks ago but forgot to look inside and yesterday I found a massai with a cloth lining in the inside on eBay. ??? TIA.
  2. The Massai does have cloth lining.
  3. The one on eBay is nice (the noisette clemence one you mean, right?). It's a GM. There is also a PM size which is a fair bit smaller.
  4. Thanks Rose.
    Hello2703, the one I looked at is havane clemence GM by a seller down under. It looks genuine but I am afraid the seller also sells knockoff dogon wallets in quantities. I have to be absolutely sure it is authentic so probably I will buy a massai/evelyne bag in a H store later when the right size and color arrives.
  5. You are completely correct in your assessment of the seller. I haven't seen a fake Massai yet and you are right, it does look genuine, but personally I would also be hesitant to do business with someone who sells knockoffs, even if the item I am interested in is genuine.
  6. I understand completely! Anyone who would knowingly sell a knock off...I wouldn't trust. I think your instinct is right.