To many OTK & thigh length boots?

  1. I tend to wear skirts to just below the knee with my OTK boots so you cannot even see the top of the boots - and I think it looks really good , have you tried that?

  2. No I haven't I should though
  3. Yes I'll happily admit I am always drawn to this style as I really enjoy wearing them, but I like lots of other styles of shoes as well. What I particualrly enjoy is seeing how the designers keep finding new twists to the basic design. I guess they appeal to my interest in design.
  4. Size 41 is available in this online store,00027,271672120000001.html
  5. Thanks, but putting temptation in a girls way isn't very fair - but I shall resist as way too many other beuatiful things in the sales to spend my money on. Of course if my DH had done that he would have been made to feel guilty until he bought them for me. He tends to avoid making such rash observations these days. Although he is great at quietly taking note of things I comment on from magazines I read and getting them as presents for me.
  6. I've always love boots especially knee highs. Now I'm seriously sourcing for one that's thigh high. It has to be suede so that it doesn't look slutty. I think I've found the ideal one - Stuart Weitzman Hiho but alas they are no longer available!! I'm not living in the States and there's no chance I can get it in my local country. I think SW Hiho is seriously a good classic that's worth keeping it. Where else can I get them?
  7. You can probably still find them on E-Bay.
    Plus there are lots of other designers producing similar suede boots at the moment. It really depends on precisely what you are looking for- colour, type and height of heel and how much you want to spend.
  8. Hey Kayapo, thanks for the input. I've seen one on eBay right now but it's a size 9!!! I'd love a black or grey suede with slim heels so that it can 'pull' up my legs. I'm of asian build, just 5'4 but fortunately my legs are fairly long and slim. It's difficult to get a good thigh high as I'm living in a tropical climate. I hope a size 7 or 7.5 will spring up soon!
  9. Lovely image of how to wear new season Altuzarra boots dressed down.
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  10. Very pretty Jimmy Choo boots from Vogue.
  11. Just wanted to add that wearing OTK boots is a style choice - regardless of height. If you want to wear OTK boots, go for it!

    I'm 5' tall, and I'm wearing Valentino suede OTK boots in the pic below. :smile:

    OOTD 3-4-12 - resized.jpg
  12. Good to see someone else who enjoys OTK boots.
    Love the pictures, particularly as it highlights that is not just models with long legs who can wear them.

    Common on you other TPFs contribute your pictures - I know you are out there!
  13. My girlfriend is the same way with her OTK and thigh high boots. I think it's my favorite look except for denim jeans with the boots over them. When done right, really makes the boot pop and her outfit come together. I've been known to drag her around to look for new shoes. lol!

    As a guy, I don't think a woman can have too many OTK boots. Where I live, it is just now catching on and to be honest, it's just downright sexy.
  14. A couple more looks from the collectios for this Autumn

    Alexander Wang
    givenchy-aw12-paris-1087-744509748_full.jpg index-boots-10_144324968970_jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2.jpg
  15. love love this...
    still haven't found the right time to wear my OTK High heeled one..
    although my 2 flat OTK have been used a lot already!!!;)