To many OTK & thigh length boots?

  1. Love this look too, need to bookmark this thread for ideas, keep them coming!
  2. Have not come across this designer (Altuzarra) before but clearly OTK boots are still popular trend.
    ALTUZARRA-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-016_runway.jpg ALTUZARRA-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-005_runway.jpg
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  3. Some practical and some less practical ways to wear your OTK boots!

    Paris Fashion week.jpg Brian_atwood boots_geraldine.jpg Vogue_Lauren_Dominigo.jpg Tom Ford OTK boots_resize.jpg
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  4. ^ love the look of shorts with OTK in the shoot, but how practical is it 'in real life'?
    how can you make it less 'tarty' for a regular person?
  5. As I said I don't think the last outfit it is practical at all, remember it is from a fashion shoot so more about showing off the Tom Ford boots etc rather than a real life scenario. I am sure some celebrity might wear them like this for a red carpet type event, especially as they often get given them or even paid to wear outfits for promotion of the brand.

    My style is far more practical like in the first picture and far more suitable for real life as you put it.

    Still a great looking pair of boots - dream on!
  6. A few new examples of how to wear your OTK boots
    ISABELLUCASPROENZASCHOULERMETGALABALLMUSEUMOFART2012EMBROIDEREDPEACOCKBIRDPRINTHALTERTOPMETALLIC.jpg katherineheigl051303_resize_resize.jpg 71027_Diane_Kruger_Hennessy_003_122_340lo_resize_resize.jpg
  7. Kylie wearing a pair of Pucci boots - How does she do it I think as she gets older she looks better and better
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    I know it is silly but I have just been tempted to buy another pair of OTK boots. Thank goodness they don't have them in my size 41 otherwise the credit card could have taken a hammering - and I promised to buy no more shoes as I have just picked up today my two new pairs of MBs.

    But having worn my casdaei blade pumps out for the first time and had such a fabulous time the idea of getting some boots with the same type of heel was a big big temptation.
  9. Kayapo97: OT but who makes the shoes in your profile pic? I came in looking for OTK and thigh high boots and fell in love with them!

    Do you think OTK and thigh high boots make short legs even shorter? I've got muscular calves(they flap around in wide calves but are too big for the regular 14-14.5' boots usually. My inseam is about 28' and I was wondering if there are..erm.. physical limitations to these kind of boots.
  10. The shoes in my picture are by Pucci from Summer/Autumn 09 I think. I wear them quite often even though the straps a bit of a job to do up. You might find that Yoox still has them.

    I think boots with heels only make legs look longer, but yes getting something to fit can be a problem, suggest go for stretch material either suede or leather. But essential to try on in a shop and find particular designer that works for you.
  11. Love all hour boots! If I would not live in Miami, I would spend all my money on boots and leather jackets. Even living here, I have around 10 pairs of boots and 12 leather jackets. Is it practical for me? Absolutely not, but ..... It is not always about being practical, just having fun. May be I should spend more time on money forum....
  12. I have found thigh high boots are good if your tall (over 5'8) other wise if your short or petite you almost look like you have no legs. But I do like the boots they are all so pretty
  13. Flyboy2,

    Thanks - glad you think the boots are pretty.
    I guess I am quite lucky being 5'8" that the boots suit me.
  14. yeah I am a little shorty at 5'4 and found up to the knee is fine but if I go above the knee I look like I have no legs LOL
  15. thanks kayapo97! You really know how how to find those sexy boots don't you?:graucho: