To many everyday bags?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!!! Just was wondering , How many everyday LV purses is to much? I am trying to balance out my collection but feel right now I may need to add some smaller special pieces but every time I go to an LV store I just end up looking at bigger bags and not what I intended to go there for :sad:. I am wanting to add a speedy b to my collection but feel maybe i should get something different . Thanks!!!
  2. You will likely receive conflicting answers here, lol! Some of us are to be "collectors" and enjoy that aspect, and others are just interested in a number that makes sense for daily wear -- but allowing for a little variety.
    I'm in the latter group, have 4 LV bags that I rotate, and a few I use from other designer brands for crossbody/evenings out.
    I don't personally own the Speedy, but it's a great bag!
  3. If you love bigger bags, keep getting them! When the time is right, you'll stop and buy the smaller bag.
  4. Don't buy a particular LV style out of obligation. Just like every other LV bag you've bought, you just "know" that's the "one." And it just may not be a small dressy bag. Maybe buy one on "the Bay" and see if you ever even use it. If not, you could probably relist it and get all your money back.
  5. I think of it in terms of "categories"

    Everyday spring and summer - I have 4
    Every day fall and winter - I have 4
    Travel and beater bag - I have 1
    Evening bag - I have 1

    So I have 10 bags...and I truly feel like I don't need any more...but I would like to have more. I don't "collect LV"...I use and enjoy everything I have. My bags are practical and functional as well as beautiful. I choose bags that fit my lifestyle. I also have lots of SLG's and I feel like I have that we'll covered, too.

    I will say I truly believe there is no "perfect number". I think the number is different for each individual based on their lifestyle and finances.
  6. Get what YOU want! Everyone has a different number they feel comfortable with.
    If you want a speedy, go for it! It's a great bag to have in anyone's collection!!!
  7. Thank you for the great reply!! Wow! You do have alot of bags :smile:. Which spring / summer bags do you own? I want to add something in the Azur to my collection but I am so affraid of color transfer and ruining my purse . :smile:
  8. Thank you!! This is very to the point ;).
  9. My Springsnd Summer bags are:

    Mon Monogram Neverfull MM
    Speedy 30 in Azur
    Artsy MM in Mono
    MC Black Alma

    I also carry my Odeon PM sometimes in the Spring and Summer and sometimes Artsy in the fall...

    My Speedy 30 in Azur is my only Azur bag and I never wear it with jeans. I wear it with us dresses on.y. I love having it in my collection, but I doubt I will buy another
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    I definitely see your point. There is something nice about a bag that may not see the light of day often, but when it does - look out! After all, that's why we have little black dresses and sexy lingerie. These things are not for everyday (and if they are - rock on). So a fab clutch or flashy bag for hot nights or vacations is a most have in my book! Go for it!
  11. I do the same thing for practical and value reasons
    and becuse evening bag is small it has to wow me every inch of it
  12. I buy what I love. I don't categorise my things, just that I like the look of it and I'm gonna get lots of use out of it.
  13. I love img's "categories" in seasons, I categorise as well but in colors, so I have a bag for most of my outfits! Besides that I have a travel bag (keepall), two evening bags and clutches.

    The main thing with this is that there is always a new desire, now I really need a navy bag for example haha :P
  14. I categorise in seasons just like img.
    Plus in occassions -casual and dressy.
    Sometimes my bags can be used in both situations.
    I don't think there exists a "perfect number" of bags. But sometimes you may feel you still don't have enough or you may feel you have too many bc you are not able to use them all the way you want to.
    If you feel you need another bag, go for it. Then you really need it.
  15. Honestly, for an everyday bag 1-2 is probably enough.