To many choices please help me choose my "bling" watch!

  1. I have never posted here before since I want to avoid giving into too many addictions at the same time :sweatdrop: (every sub just has so many enablers...;)

    I really want a diamond watch hubby is positive and would like to "spoil" me, so I get to choose among these three.
    I don't want too much bling just a little to sparkle when light falls on it but not too much.

    Which one should I get?
    montremeyers.jpg montremeyersdiam.jpg montremeyersdiam2.jpg
  2. I think I like the middle one the best.
  3. I like the bottom one. All three are nice. Any of them would put a smile on my face.
  4. the third one would me my choice.
  5. The middle one.
  6. I can see why you're having trouble...all gorgeous but I think I like the last one.
  7. I like the first one!
  8. i also like the first one
  9. Thanks guys for your input seems like I need to get all three :sweatdrop: no seriously this is hard.
    Personally I like all three nearly equally.
    First is simple and easy to carry second a little more bling bid dressier I would say and third even more bling but still casual.

    Oh dear...
  10. they look similar..try them all on, and you'll know which to get right away! congrats, they are beautiful choices!
  11. Definitely the first one for me! Lucky girl, Cat . . . also PMed you.
  12. You're right just that I fear not being able to do so. I will be in Paris next week so I certainly get to try on at least one, but I don't have much time and fear they won't have all three in stock.

    I could theoratically speaking ask hubby to order all three and then return the two that don't fit. I don't know if he will like the idea and it's a real pain....hmmmmm

    Thanks miss sooky for your input :yes:
  13. i think the last one has the most bling? take the one that has the most bling. lol
  14. First one :smile:
  15. last