To many chloe...

  1. Wallets. Is there a such thing as having to many chloe wallets? Here's my problem I have four wallets different styles same colors. I have to long paddy wallets in roche & rouge and two c- buckle wallets in (you guessed it) roche and rouge.
    My question is should I return one of those sets or keep them all because they are two different styles:confused1:
  2. The more the merrier! AS long as you are using and enjoying them all, otherwise, sell what you don't use so you have cash to buy something else from Chloe! :p
  3. I love the paddy wallets and seem to use them alot, but I'm not getting much use out of my c-buckle ones. I have a feeling that soon as I return them I will want to use them:shrugs:
  4. I agree return the ones you are not using and put the $$$ towards something you really want!
  5. I would return what you are not using they are very similar styles/colours
  6. Four!!!! OMG, don't get me started...My wallet collection is evidence of my insanity! :nuts: Use them and enjoy!! :smile: :yahoo:
  7. Maybe I will return one of the c-buckle and exchange the other for another color( wow.. those mothers day drinks really gave me clearity tonite:tispy:smile:.....