To Mandy or Not to Mandy...that is the question...

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  1.'s the sitch...I have a leather Soho satchel from about 2 years ago that I LLLOOVVEE. I also have a Hamptons tote and a vintage leather shoulder bag. I have a khaki/gold sig tote on the way :yahoo: as well as a demi sig w/python trim that I have on hold at Sam's for $248 :wlae: (don't worry..thanks to you guys I did the full due diligence).

    The problem...I want a whiskey Mandy in the worst way, but I have also spent by allotment of Coach for a while. Once I talk DH into it, I can probably get my hands on one.

    For all you ladies that have it worth the price? How much can I really get into it? ( I own a LOT of totes, they carry everything) Do they look as great on as they do in pics? Lemme know please!
  2. I had the Mandy in the Natural for three days but returned it because I really wanted the Whiskey and not the Natural. The Natural is nice, I just like the bag better in the whiskey. I did find the bag heavy and the one day I wore it around the house to try it out, it really hurt my shoulder. I am not sure if you can get used to the weight after a while. Why don't you send an private message to handbagashley? She has the Mandy in the Whiskey and can advise you of how she likes it and the weight of it.
  3. I drove 2 1/2 hours to Orlando Saturday with the intention of getting a Mandy and wallet, but changed my mind when there. I had never seen or tried one on. Personally, I thought it was just too big, even though I like big bags. Also, the zipper was huge and sharp and I imagined dragging all of my cute wristlets and things acrossed it. Just my opinion...hope it helps.
  4. They had a Mandy at your outlet?
  5. Actually they did, but I was referring to the regular Coach store. I went to the Orlando Prime Outlet and they had 1 Mandy in Natural, perfect as far as I could see. I asked them to hold it while I went to look at the regular Coach store. There, I decided against getting any Mandy, outlet or regular purchase, because of the reasons I said before. Beautiful bag, but just to big and "zippery" for me.
  6. I had a whiskey Mandy for about a day and returned it for the same reasons LizCordova did. I LOVE the bag, but it was too heavy. I have since gotten it in the signature/ebony and :heart: it.
  7. I love my Mandy! It is a heavier bag because of all the hardware, but that is what makes the bag look so great, imo. I've been taking it everywhere with me for the last two weeks and I still love it. I am tall so it works for me. I carried it around in the grocery store yesterday, because I didn't want to put it down in the cart. I don't have sore muscles after a day of shoping or have any complaints with the weight. You need to try it on first before you buy it. It is not a bag for everyone. :graucho:
  8. Krissy - I love that white Mandy on you. It looks like it was made for you!
  9. Maybe if you want to try it for a while has it in the Diva collection in leather and in signature and you can rent it and carry it for a month or so before you pay the what is it 800 dollars.
  10. +1. The white is gorgeous.
  11. Thank you so much messengerbaglover, that is so sweet of you to say that about my Mandy! :flowers: I get so many compliments when I'm out and about shopping.
  12. i loooove the mandy. i am still kicking myself for returning it (to make a long story short:got it at an outlet for darn near full price, but the sa wouldn't let me actually touch it before buying. got home and found out it was scratched up. was so ticked at the sa, i decided i couldnt keep a bag with bad vibes).

    it was gorgeously in proportion for me. and, personally, i never thought it was that heavy. but i might have been distracted, lol. :p
  13. Thank you PyAri, I was so worried about the white getting dirty, but I've been careful and I just don't put it all. Except once, I did put it on the glass countertop at the Coach boutique....clunk! You could really here the hardware hitting the glass.....oops! :shame:
  14. I saw get the Mandy. I've recently begun contemplating purchasing one myslef. I'm thinking that the fabric Mandy may not be as heavy as the leather one, so I've love one in the black sig fabric.

    Good luck! I think Glitter Girl has a great suggestion of trying it out on bagborroworsteal before committing to one.