To Madeleine or Not To Madeleine? I am in need of your help please!

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  1. Hi all. I have been on the boat about this pre owned Epi Madeleine in black for the longest time. I desperately need your help. I just can't seem to decide.

    Please tell me, why would you or wouldn't you buy a Madeleine for yourself (not counting the fact that it is already a discontinued item and can only be bought pre owned)? I am hoping I would find the answer to my dilemma through your opinions. Thank you for your help.

  2. I have the madeleine pm. I love it, its my most favorite bag . I got it preloved in 10/10 condition from fashionphile. The epi leather feel smooth, no flashy lv all over, comfortable in shoulder, gorgeous look bag,very well made with excellent quality/ stitching. Honestly I am in love :smile:
  3. I think it's a perfect work bag actually... I love the epi line- I chose the epi brea GM as a work bag, and it's great- if Madeleine was still available in stores, I would get it myself. I love it!
  4. I love it, the only downfall is poor resale value... I usually don't hang onto bags for more than 2 or 3 years as my tastes change.. LV in general has decent resale value however the Epi line doesn't typically. If you get a nice deal and take care of it (or plan to keep it forever) then I say go for it. :smile:
  5. I have the GM in black and it's my everyday workhorse. I get more compliments on this bag than any other in my (small) collection. The Epi leather is beautiful and durable and the subtleness of the bag makes it perfect for any situation.
  6. You're so lucky! Do you use it mainly for office or for weekends at the mall? TIA!
  7. If you need a bag for work, I think it would be nice. It's understated and elegant. It doesn't fit into my lifestyle, but if it does yours, then go for it!
  8. I don't work but I carry it whenever I want to keep it low key and plain/ formal and ofcourse whenever I feel like carrying it. Some places you don't feel like carring your mongram bag. I feel uneasy when people stare at my bag. Epi is so simple , beautiful and non flashy, it get less staring which make me feel comfortable carrying it. I hope I am making sense.

    Btw older bags such as the madeleine is so well made, you get the best LV quality that they used to have. Even the leather quality was better before.
  9. +1

  10. Really interesting about epi resale! I wonder why that is...
  11. This looks like the perfect workbag to me and if you're a girl on the go, I think this works. As others have stated, it looks understated but still elegant. If this works for you, I say go get it and enjoy it.
  12. I have the pm version and love it. I specifically bought it to interview for jobs. But now that that's done, I carry it any time I want a slightly more formal bag. I take it to work sometimes. I put my epi flower charms on her and carry her on the weekends. Great little bag. I would get it.
  13. Yes, I wonder too. What could be the reason for this?
  14. I have the PM in Cassis (purple) and it's one of my favourite pieces. I carried it this morning to physio in fact! Also use it for work and more casually at weekends. My colleagues regularly fight over who gets which of my epi pieces in my "will" (not that I'm that old but they've staked their claims already - they have no idea of the brand, just love the epi leather bags)!
  15. Do you mostly wear it to work? Or is it appropriate too for casual days off?