To LV or not to LV that is the question.

  1. :tup:
  2. Ha ha .. good one .. I always have less cash in my purse than the cost of the purse itself :shame:
  3. even tho i love LV i always opt for a nice piece of jewelry over a bag. i vote for the watch and youre one lucky duck to be celebrating your bday with such great gifts.
  4. Thanks for all the input guys :smile: I'm going to pull the trigger on the Glashutte today and put down the deposit, then waiting 12 weeks it is!
  5. I think that is a fabulous rule of thumb. :tup:

    I would go with a watch, simply because the ZCP is such a small wallet too... I would prefer a larger wallet for that kind of money.
  6. +1

    PS. Bags4Bubbles, I really liked your reviews on LV bags and SLGs and look forward to new instalments!
  7. I would pick a watch over a ZCP.
  8. Thank you! :flowers:
  9. I forgot, happy birthday in advance! Do post back and show us :smile:
  10. The watch, much better value !:biggrin:
  11. Thanks ahead :smile: I will make sure to make a reveal! I will some mod shots with my LV and H stuff, I have never made a reveal of those so it might be a fun thread :smile:
  12. Yay on the watch!!
  13. To anyone who doesn't know the brand, the watch doesn't look like much (sorry if that offends anyone).

    My husband once wanted to buy me a Rolex and I thought he was nuts! I'd never had a watch that cost more than $30 before and we settled on an $800 Seiko that I still thought was outrageously overpriced because a watch is just a watch to me.

    But this is a guy who thought one $50 bag at a time was all anyone needed while I was dreaming of having LV - it's all in what YOU value.

    If someone is willing to pay $6400, can you get some combination of other items that totals that? Otherwise the only reason I could think of for choosing the watch is the value.
  14. Its for the mechanics in an engineering perspective (the watch movement). Also Glashutte is a rather small company and I like supporting the little guy :smile: and I give it a +1 for being a German brand. The Swiss have been king of the hill for too long!
  15. Yes yes yes, my sentiments too! And I love the open backcase. My husband has a Baume and Mercier - the watch is, I think, 40 years old and has been lovingly restored. Its a manual wind with an open backcase and sometimes I tk it off just to watch the little clogs at work. I like my leather goods too but in this case, I think the watch wins. ;)