To LV or Not LV... ...

  1. Hello Lovely Louis Ladies!

    I have been lurking around your section of the forums lately and have begun to consider making my first LV purchase EVER.:tup: As one could tell by my member's SN, I have been a fan of more moderately-priced bags. Perhaps, some of you could help me make a safe "leap" into Louis.
    About me: I'm 23, 5'2", 130 lbs and I have a part time retail job and am about to go back to school. I am considering the Mono Speedy 25 (hopefully, that's the right title for it):smile: and I wondered if those of you who may own this or similar Louis bags could explain some of the reasons why you chose this designer over others (ie, choosing not to buy a Balenciaga that is ALL LEATHER and seemingly a better stretch of one's money). OR if you own both of these designers (I've been leaning towards Balenciaga as well) could you tell me if you think one is, for lack of a better word, BETTER than the other in hindsight. :p I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks girls!
  2. The mono speedy 25 is my favorite bag. I used it all weekend when I went away and it's amazing how much I could fit into it (bottle of water, paperback book, wallet, makeup, keys, phone and a small sweater). The best part is it's small enough to use at night too. I call it the perfect bag.
  3. I love the design. That's it. It's not really comparable to balenciaga, it's a totally different genre. You'd have to figure out wht's better for your style.

    It's not about leather at all. (I never figured out why leather is so much better either though) But you can get good leather purses from LV too. The main point is the desing rgardless of material, as long as it's high quality.
  4. I choose LV because it's timeless to me that is huge. It is timeless in many ways, for one Audry Hepburn carried the Speedy how cool is that it is still around today! The second and one of the biggest reasons is LV never goes on sale, I cannot stand to buy a bag then 2 or 4 months later see it on sale makes me so GRRR
  5. welcome!!! the mono speedy 25 was my 1st bag (actually still my only bag so far!) i love the style and how it holds everything i need it to was a toss up between the 25 and the 30 but i went with the 25....i literally use it every day...i would go to a LV boutique and try on bags...if its the speedy you really want definatly go in and try and the 25 and 30 and decide....

    you definatly cant go wrong by purchasing this bag, LV is will use/have it for a lifetime!!

    let us know what you decide!!!
  6. Mono Speedy 25 is a great choice!! It is a very high quality bag. I agree with Liberte, that it is hard to compare LV with Balanciaga. I love Balanciaga bags too and think the leather is amazing. I think that Balanciaga is more trendy while LV would be something that I would still love and carry 25 years from now. I also would worry that leather would scratch easier if I got the balaciaga bag. Plus LV speedy is less expensive than Bbag!
  7. ^
    Allthough time may prove me wrong, I think balenciaga hasen't reached the level of classicness of the monogram canvas, so I totally agree with you, the speedy is a classic. Louis Vuitton permanent collection consists of simple shaped bags in general that aren't "trendy" and they won't go out of fashion. If you want trendiness look to the seasonal items and in particular the runway bags. =)
  8. Thanks gals for your prompt replies! I understand what you're all saying--it's just a little hard to go for it on an income that made buying a Dooney seem outrageous. My folks and everyone I work with already think I'm silly/nuts for buying Dooneys (so that tells you what kind of town I live in). BTW, courtneyh, I'm right in Bethelehem...would the LV boutique you were visiting be in King of Prussia? I was sort of thinking about buying from eluxury and dealing with any probs afterwards.
    Bagladie: thanks for the example of what you can fit in your bag. I was worrying that some of my stuff wouldn't fit. Does it ever get heavy on your wrist/ in your hand?
  9. I go to King of Prussia....i would definatly suggest going into a store...that way you can try on the bag and really make sure you love it....and also maybe look at some other bags to see if theres anything else you might like!!
    Theres also LV at Short Hills mall in new jersey...but KOP is probally closer!

    in my speedy i fit my LV small agenda, the LV zippy wallet, i have 2 cell phones, my LV cles, and a gap make-up bag and some other random the 25 definatly holds alot!!!
  10. I buy what I want, and I want Louis Vuitton stuff. It's all about personal taste to me. If you like or lean more toward balenciaga, then why consider LV? Just because LV is a more "classic" brand doesn't mean you should sway your desire toward this brand. Buy what YOU want! :yes:
    One more thing, I say this all the time and I"m going to say it again, luxury isn't about quality, but rather what your heart yearns for at the moment imo. There's no major significant world shattering difference between the quality of LV, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Balenciaga...etc.
  11. This is the perfect motto for me in life atm. :sweatdrop: Amazing. :heart:
  12. Yeah, my family & friends think I am nuts too...but I am nuts with a kickin handbag, lol. Go for the LV, the Speedy is perfect!
  14. haha I`m glad you think so too liberté! lol
  15. Would any of you mind posting a pic of yourself carrying the Speedy 25? I've been through pages of pics in the Speedy Gonzales Club and I only find one pic of someone holding it but I'd like to see some more to get a better idea. Hope no one is too shy! I promise, if I buy it, I'll post some of me! :okay: