To LV Lovers under 20 !!

  1. Hey Guys
    I'm 18 and I looove Designer stuff. Especially lv bags :drool:
    I would like to know how other "young" lv lovers finance their lv passion. Have you rich parents who give you their creditcards:graucho: or must you work for it and spend your own money for the lv bags?

    I would like to know.. so if you want we talk about it :smile: maybe someone have msn messenger too and we can talk there, I would be pleased :jammin:
  2. I bought my monogram speedy 30 when I was 18 with money my family had given me for graduation, and I bought my damier speedy 25 when I was 19 with money I had saved from working. Nothing too fancy, but I'm definitely much prouder of my damier speedy since I bought it completely by myself :smile:
  3. Hi, Im 17, Im in college and I have been looking for a job but havent found one yet. I finance my LV by usually using birthday/Xmas money but alot of the time I sell my old stuff or unused/used designer items on eBay. I just LOVE Louis Vuitton.

    Pm me with your msn address, if you want to :smile:
  4. I'm 14 (nearly 15 in march) and my parents both are teachers... Since im an only child begging usually does the trick.... ;) PM if you wany my msn address! :yes:
  5. I'm 15, so I don't have a job, but I use my pocket money and the money that I get for my birthday and at Christmas to buy LV :biggrin: My parents won't buy me something extravagant like LV for no reason but if I get good grades or work hard in school then they will sometimes buy me something.
  6. I'm 16 and ready to buy my first LV soon.
    My mom wanted to give one to me for my sweet 16, she said I could have 1 expensive present, but I refused and said I'd buy it myself (she's getting me a laptop now because I really wanted that too ;))
    I've saved up all my pocket money and I have a job. Now I can buy myself my first *yay* I will be more proud and careful with it that way
  7. im 18, i bought my first lv last fall, but ive been buying chanel since i was 15. i work alot though. and still live at home and attending school, so that saves me a little.
  8. I'm 20 now. I work full time and at the same time taking pharmacy classes. I pay for EVERYTHING.
  9. im actually turning 20 in 3 weeks and its not that i cant afford to buy myself an LV bag.. its that its more fun when some1 else buys it for you .. my baby got me a damier speedy 30 for my bday.. but i myself bought the 4 key holder to match as well as a red pastilles bag charm and most likely will be getting the eugenie wallet or the damier zippy (=
  10. my boyfriend bought a lot of my LV collection (birthdays, christmas, valentines), but some things i purchased myself. i'm a beauty consultant, which is good money for my age, so that's how i finance my LV sprees.

    i know this is horrible to mention, but my best girl finances her LV addiction w/ her private student loans. it's really easy to get money, just show them your school schedule and they'll give you as much money as your credit will allow. however, this is NOT a good idea. she'll be paying for her college LV's well into her 30's.
  11. Well i just turned 18 two weeks ago but purchased my first LV at the age of 17 just last november which was the zippy coin purse with money i saved up. Im not working at the moment but really need a job so i can be able to purchase more LV in the future. I actually like the idea of saving up your own money and buying it yourself because you appreciate more and take better care but all the same it's nice to have someone give your LV as a gift cause it means you can save up more money for another LV and expand on your collection.
  12. Just popping in to guys are so lucky!!! I wish I was under 20!!!
  13. I'm 15, and I hope to get my first LV for my sweet 16.
  14. i just recently got myself 3 items (i'm a first time lv-er) and actually those are paid for by my bf... we are 19 but apparently when i showed it to my family they weren't pleased with the fact how we don't really work (he has a part time job tutoring and worked full time in the past summer for 3 months but now i don't have a job).. they were just saying that at this age i don't deserve stuff like that blahblahblah.. and at first i was so excited that i got something i really wanted.. but now all the excitement is gone and they made me feel so bad... anyone with similar experience? btw, i'm not from a rich family so i guess that's also why...
  15. haha my parents dont understand me spending so much money on a bag. but they do on other stuff, my dad on cameras and my mom on antique furniture. so they leave me alone about it. im sorry they said you dont deserve it, that was not nice.