To Logo or not to Logo? Obsessed with BV but currently carrying garish Gucci

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  1. I feel like I'm in a desperate bag situation. I am torn between keeping my spring '07 Gucci Abbey with platinum leather or selling it on eBay (or any other resource... suggestions?) or keeping it for possible future use and just saving up for a BV.

    I am really torn because I can't decide if I am totally over logoes. I am so sick of people asking me if my Gucci is fake, and the more that I think about it, Gucci is really played out (like since the 70's). I also don't like canvas anymore and feel like it loses it's shape. I usually dont wear clothes with big logoes on them ( I stick with see by Chloe, Piazza Sempione and others like that), so I feel like it's kind of betraying my low key sense of style to wear a big Gucci advertisment on my arm.

    What should I do? I feel like the BV personality and understated luxury fits me, but then again, I am afraid to sell the Gucci. Any suggestions?

    PS: The DH only tolerates my spending $$ on clothes/shoes/bags and never forks over cash for me to play with like that. He's trying to pay back his med school loans and until that's done, I'm on my own, so that's out of the question.
  2. If you really feel like you will not get any further use out of your Gucci I would sell it and use the funds to buy something that suits your style more. There's plenty of BV enablers here if you need help in choosing a bag. . . :p
  3. I would keep the gucci.
  4. I have both BV and Gucci. I say keep the Gucci and save up for a BV. I think it's nice to be able to switch depending on my mood. Do what's best for you, though!
  5. ^ I agree with kiss_p!:yes:

    Like you said, you're not very sure that you are over the "logo" thing...just sell it once you are already sure.
  6. My personal experience - once I went onto BV, I became very self-conscious of my logo-ed bags. BV has my absolute attention since I came on board, frandkly, not even Chanel can get my attention these days! That's how much I love BVs.

    If you can, keep the Gucci, get a BV and see how you feel about the Gucci after that. For me, if I have to get the funds for a BV, I would sell the Gucci - but this is easier said for me as I know I would not regret with a BV.

    Oops, sorry for rambling, don't think I'm being very helpful here, but go with your gut feelings.
  7. that's what happened to me before. i had a transition from logo bags to nonlogo bags...i went through the phase of monogram LV and logo gucci and now i dont buy them anymore. i have a few LV left that are limited editions and one gucci left thats didnt show logos.

    BV is exquisite-the leather, the details and the look. i hope you find a bag that warms your heart when you see it.
  8. Like mlbags and catabie once I got my first BV, I became self-concious of my logoed bags and couldn't imagine carrying anything but my BV. My logoed LVs really just go unused at this point. There is nothing live a BV in my opinion and I could never go back. It is a personal decision though whether you really think that you are over the logos.
  9. Thanks everyone, great advice. I am over the logo thing. I just don't want to part with the bag. I think I may talk the husband into going in half with me... that should be a good compromise.

    Does anyone like this one on bluefly?

    I'm just a little weary of bluefly though, but I love the style of this bag... anyone else? Is this a good first-choice?

    Thank you all!!!

  10. Good for you if you decided to keep the bag, for your first BV though how about a veneta or a campana. I think they show the beauty of BV better than the bluefly tote which looks a little boring to me. I'm not sure what your style is?? Do you go for structured or slouchy bags??
  11. Welcome to BV! Personally I would sell the Gucci and put it towards a BV. I'm about to do the same myself with an LV.

    As for the BV style, I would definitely check them out in person in a boutique or department store before deciding. It is an experience to shop in person! :tup:
  12. I like the Bluefly bag, but I think that it might not fit comfortably over the shoulder and I personally find light bags hard to maintain. For your first BV, like Syma, I would probably also suggest one of the classic styles like the veneta or campana. It would help to know what you are looking for in a bag.
  13. Thanks, Syma and Mystiletto... I have been to the BV boutique in Palm Beach and when we go to our house there in Feb. I think I'll stop by again, hopefully with bag in hand at that time. I was just drooling at the intricacy and craftsmanship, but at that time I thought logoes were cool and was carrying a Goyard.

    As for the style, I'm more of a tote person, not really a hobo/slouchy person. That's why I picked the one at bluefly, but it must be from a while ago because it's not on BV's website.
  14. How about the montaigne or roma styles, BV does some great totes too! Check out the BV Collections thread.
  15. I've always stayed away from logos, so no such problems for me. Although if I did, I would def sell the bags (won't be using them anyway! :p) and put the funds towards a BV.

    Welcome to tPF, and the BV sub, kolibriszuka! I'm sure the perfect BV tote is out there with your name on it. :flowers: Definately check out the crabtreemeeko's Montaigne. It's gorgeous!