To Lock or Not To Lock


Have you ever locked your handbag?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Since I brought up the topic of the missing lock with my new speedy yesterday, I wanted to take this in another direction...

    Do you prefer to keep the lock on or off of your Speedies? When do you actually lock your purse? Are there such things as fake LV locks? Inquiring minds...
  2. i have my lock on the speedy since i don't have the keys lol but i think it's fine w/and w/o the lock
  3. On my mini lin i have the lock inside the bag attached to the d ring. On my mono speedy 25 its attached outside the bag where it belongs. I bought the bag used and it was there and left it. I didnt want the lock to drag down the left on the new mini lin thats why its inside.
  4. With, for me.
  5. with the lock
  6. My Damier and Mono speedy locks are attached outside and their keys are attached to the D ring inside. I never lock my bag...too much trouble.
  7. yes, there are fake locks...
  8. My lock is on my bag but I don't lock it. I don't even know where the keys are!
  9. ooo i'd be interested to see a fake lock :smile:
  10. Lock on :rochard:

    I do take them off if the bag is going to be stored for a bit though.
  11. It is on the outside of my bag, but I never lock it.
  12. they're on the bag for me!
  13. The mother lock I attached at the bag but I keep the keys at home.
  14. my keys are with the locks, where ever they are attached,
  15. I would keep it on.