To Limelight? Not to limelight??

  1. So i need some help!

    I went to my LV boutique today to get the trunks and bags agenda (its gorgeous, ill post pictures later!) and while i was there, to my huuuge surprise i saw two pm limelights!!!

    The birmingham boutique doesn't normally have any of the l.e or rare bags so i was very surprised! And i LOVE the limelight. There were two colours, a gold and a black, the black was absolutely stunning :love:

    So... my dilemma... i have been promised a clutch as my next handbag as a present for doing well in exams, and i had my eye on the chanel classic clutch and was going to get it next week when we go on holiday to Nice, now i dont know what to do!! I love both bags and i wish i could have both but i cant!

    I know you ladies here will most likely be biased buut....
    which do you prefer?
    and limelight owners, what do you think? do you lvoe it??

    Help greatly appreciated!! :heart:
  2. I am IN LOVE with the gold limelight. I have the Perle and I do not love the color at all. I have had it for ages and only carried it once. The color is like a gunmetal silver and I just do not like it!! NOW, if it was GOLD....I would use it like crazy!!!! I have not seen the black so I can not comment..but the gold..oh the gold!
  3. The gold is incredibly gorgeous! Looooove it! I have the copper and want more!
  4. Is the chanel one limited? If not then get the limelight.
  5. I would get the LimeLight
  6. Limelight, I would pick the Gold. I have not seen the new ones IRL but I have one in Copper and I LVoe it! Gold would stand out, get it before it's gone. Trust me, you will enjoy the clutch. I was debating about getting my Copper 2 months ago as it's over $1,200 but after using it, I tell ya, it's worth every penny.
  7. i really like the Gold limelight.

    and forgive me for being dumb, but are there two sizes of the limelight?? I was at Hollywood LV the other day, and they had some limelights on display. They had a gold one that was the "regular" size (like the size i've seen before in the perle and copper) and then they had some that looked much smaller. or maybe i was hallucinating.... ??
  8. I like the limelight, I think it is more unique.
  9. LIMELIGHT is the only way to go..:tup:
  10. I would go with the black limelight! I bought one on Friday and I am in love...The gold is gorgeous as well, I just thought I would get more use out of the black
  11. as much as I LOVE the Limelight, I would go with the Chanel!
  12. There are two sizes a PM and a GM. The gold stands out more is a little more"showy" KWIM. The black maybe more practical, it is beautiful also with a bronzy/choc cast
  13. Limelight!!! It's more funky than Chanel ;)
  14. Were you thinking of the timeless clutch ?

    Personally, I think the Chanel would be easier to match up, but for stunning and wow factor, it's definitely the Limelight (in gold!!!).
  15. I love Chanel but I would choose the Limelight over the Chanel clutch.