To leave a negative or not? Help again, please.

  1. Okay, so this is still about my international disaster. I just got an email from Paypal, and basically it's telling me I'm screwed. So she's keeping my bag and getting a $500 (approximate) refund.
    My new dilema is, should I leave her negative feedback when I know she will leave me a neg in retaliation? It will be my third in about 7 years. I now have 1240 positives. Both negs were over 4 years ago with one being retalitory from non-paying bidder. Should I suck it up and take another so I can warn other sellers?​
    Oops, almost forgot. If do leave her a neg, any ideas on how to convey what she did in the short sentence you are allowed?
  2. Oh I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I think you SHOULD leave the negative because this person truly deserves it. And you can leave a response to their retaliatory negative. And PLEASE give me their eBay user name so that I can put them on my BBL. Thank you! I still hope that something turns this around for you. :sad: As far as she goes, karma will get her.
  3. Am I allowed to post her eBay username here?
  4. Yes leave neg. to warn others.
    Also leave a comment to hers if she leaves one.
    "can't please everyone look at her feedback/look at mine"
    something like that (as a comment)

    Brief, to the pt, not angry.
    Buyers won't care.......... you have over 1200 pos.
  5. OMG this is shocking!! Paypal really sucks!! Absolutely leave her negative, let everyone know what a crook she is! With your fedback score it will not impact too heavily on you & you can reply to her negative telling eveyone what happened, plan what you say very carefully & use abbreviations like u for you as you have word limit. I thought that eBay would remove retaliatory negative?? & yes please post her ebay ID here so I can block her also, it is ok to post here. Sorry you lost out so badly!
  6. I feel bad for you. I think this deserves a negative. If everyone is so scared to leave negatives on Ebay for truly bad sellers feedback will soon mean nothing. Please let us know who this scammer is so they can be avoided.
  7. How about:

    "Thief won the bag and did a chargebag and got the $$$ too!"

    Is that too harsh?:graucho:
  8. well, she is a thief so you should make that clear - even if she gives neg feedback in return - since you have soo many positive, so what?
  9. Not only can you leave a neg, but you can also, in a separate sentence, leave a "reply" that shows up in both HER and YOUR feedbacks!

    i had one pos that was slightly neg/neutral in nature so I tried the reply and I like being able to retort what others have to say!

    It also works when you want to say even more niceties about a great buyer or seller.

    go to your feedback control page and check out your options. its pretty cool how you can catch up on feedbacks, leave it and even do the 'reply' thing.

    good luck, i am SO sorry this has happened to you!

    how the heck is the money being refunded AND you are not getting the bag back? this i have GOt to hear!
  10. I don't think that is too harsh after all it is the truth!
    That was done to me but the thief waited until the 90th day to do the chargeback too late for me I had already left positive & couldn't even add to it by the time I woke up next day & got the bad news! Even though agenda had been delivered, paypal still took the money from me as she said it was fraudulent use of her credit card"
  11. Mon - No, not too harsh at all- I love it. I may use exactly that. Thank you!
    Her username is selena.m2005 and she's in London.
  12. It's along story that I posted yesterday, but basically I only insured it (sent via parcel post airmail) so I don't have an online trackable receipt. She did sign for it, but Paypal doesn't care about a hard copy, it must be traceable online.
  13. Thanks April have added her to my blocked bidders list!
  14. April,
    This is just so wrong! Do you still have your mailing receipt for the transaction? Could you try to provide paypal with the bar code number on the customs form? This should have been scanned by the post office during your transaction, and should still be on your receipt? I don't know. I think once I had to prove to paypal that I returned an item and I gave them either this number and it was sufficient.
  15. As a buyer, I can tell you that a small number of negatives amongst many positives do not bother me, if I read a plausible explanation on the feedback page. We expect that there will be some people who are shady/unreasonable. For me, I do not examine feedback with extra scrutiny if it is in the 99% to 100% level.