To keep this urban spirit backpack?

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  1. Ladies, need some advice. I’ve been trolling through forums and have been obsessing over the urban spirit backpack, which was to replace my defective Palm Springs mini. I saw it in the mini in black with gold hardware. It was obviously a bit out of my price range for now (as I bought way too many this year so was looking for something less). I saw a preloved urban spirit in red in lamb, and in a good price and good condition. I got it and absolutely loved it. However, I’m on vacation now in Hawaii and tried on the black mini backpack again and realized I still really want it. I am able to return the red one still to fashionphile (very close for time), or rebuy the black somewhere down the road? I was traveling with the red one and I love the small size as It’s practical. But I still really am loving the mini size. Any advice on what I should do? I’m debating to just purchase the mini in black, but just afraid I’m being too frivolous. Here’s a quick pic of my red one, surprisingly goes with a lot of outfits. It’s funny as I told myself I want colored bags as I have a lot of black ones, but I just naturally gravitate towards black! I have a Chanel m/l in black, a vintage Diana in black, a mini in black....

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  2. Keep this one and start saving for the other..
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  3. I like your answer! Haha
  4. Keep the red
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  5. The red is perfect! Keep it...yo
    keep it! The red is beautiful. You will regret sending it back...Black always seems to be on offer in some way...yet a red you love is so hard to come by cause it’s so personal!
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  6. Thank you for your advice! I’m just so used to carrying black bags...