To keep Paddy or not?

  1. I bought an Olive Green/ almost a greyish black Paddy on a few weeks ago. I love the color it's as neutral as black but with more character. The only thing is the bag is heavier then my Balenciagas and I'm not sure if I love it as much as them??? IT was on sale for about 40% off so it was a great deal but should that be why I keep it?
  2. Z & G, if you are not feeling the love you should return it. I go back and forth between Balenciaga and Chloe, I love the look and feel of the Chloe leather but love the lightness of the Balenciaga.
    Personall, I am trying to resist the urge to buy or keep things just because they were on sale.
  3. Z&J,

    No matter how much of a discount you got on the paddy, if you are not going to use it than it's still money wasted. I too try not to keep bags just because I snagged them for a deal.

    I too have a strong love affair with my bbag right now. It is so light compared to the paddy! However, I try to make my "pros" and "cons" list to encompass more than 1 characteristic. For me, the paddington is heavy but the leather is amazing, the look is amazing and the feminity is amazing.:love:

    With the paddy I put aside the heaviness and ask myself, "but how does it look?". Because at the end of the day I'll sacrafice pain if it looks good. Some people won't but I will! :lol: Heck, what do I wear heels for? Surely not because it feels good! But it sure looks better than flats (on me, anyways).

    So it comes down to your wardrobe do you own only flats? Only heels? Or a mixture of both? I have a mixture of both because, when it comes down to it, comfort isn't the reason I buy shoes. Looks are.

    Not that it matters, but when I ask my hubby which bag he likes out of all my bags he says, "Paddingtons are probably the best looking out of all your's probably the most attractive bag I've yet to see a woman carry." I have Gucci, Prada, LV, Balenciaga, Chloe. He has no clue the weight of any of my bags. My hubby can probably name all the designer bags now because I constantly bombard him with questions on how they look...his opinion is valuable to me. And now he can say, "that's a chloe, right? That's a balenciaga, right? Or, that LV is fake!"...
  4. ^^^LG always speaks sense. The Paddy is very feminine. While I have gone crazy collecting Balenciagas at the moment, I find the rectangular shape of the First does not flatter me much, unlike the Paddy. I buy BBags for their girly colours and veiny leather (which I like). The Balenciaga City is good for work and carrying documents and such, but I really don't see myself with it outside of work because its shape just doesn't work that well for me when it comes to casual. But the Paddy is so versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. So... I buy both BBags and Paddys, weight or no weight!
  5. You should keep it because you love it.
    But you shouldn't decide whether you love it by comparing it to a bbag because as far as I'm concerned, it's apples and oranges.

    I have a feeling that when the fall season hits, you'll be ROCKIN' that olive paddy. Despite the weight, that bag is PERFECT for the fall. And LG is right, form over function sometime.
    You'll rub your shoulder at the end of the day, and the weight takes come getting used to, but every time you pass a mirror and you see yourself carrying that'll smile :smile:

  6. :lol: You are cracking me up LG. That totally makes sense. I love the hardware on the paddy, it's TDF.. But it is very heavy after walking w/ it for over 3 hours.. just like heels are a pain after a few hours too, but I deal w/ it!

    Z & J.. i would get something because I like it, not because it's on sale... so if you don't love it, by all means, you should return it :yes:
  7. I agree with everyone here. Get the bag because you love it and not just because it's a sale item. The money you don't spend can be saved to buy a bag you will truly want! :yes:
  8. Oh dear. If you can't handle the weight I'd say get something else that you love EVERYTHING about. ;) Personally, I'm one who can't handle the weight either (although I still think paddies are absolutely gorgeous) so I know exactly where you're coming from.
  9. I had mention this in some other post! I was exactly in our position. I love the med paddy, but I just couldnt handle the weight. So what did I do? I refunded the med paddy and was on a hunt for a baby paddy. I dont carry alot of stuff so the baby paddy was perfect for me! It fits just as much as a bbag first.

    I just love the style of the paddy. Its so classy and unique!

    But by all means, if you dont love it.. return it! And look for a baby paddy if it fits your needs! hehehehe!
  10. If you're not feeling you love the bag--send it back. I had to do that with an Edith I bought from NM. It just wasn't me. It's a much coveted bag, but I wasn't feeling it was for me, so I sent it back. Do what feels right to you, not what the going trend says to do......
  11. I agree with most everyone else. If you're not loving it, send it back. You have to be completely happy or it's not worth keeping it.