To keep or sell?

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  1. Hi girls!

    For such a long time I was looking for a red mini, I only wanted it if it had lambskin leather and gold hardware. I can't find it anywhere, but I found a pre loved medium/large that looked soooo pretty. I ordered it, the bag is in great condition but I don't love the red color, I think I prefer a bit more darker and classy red. Should I keep or sell it?

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  2. If it's not something you love, I would sell it. Or else I feel like you won't use it much/hate it. That's what happened to me when I settled.
  3. When I read your post, I wanted to reply with the classic sentence "if this bag doesn't make your heart sing, then sell it, and wait for your holy grail to appear".

    From my own experience, however, best thing is not to decide too quickly on selling it. You can always sell it at a good price, I believe. If you really feel not sure about what should be the next step, then you should take some time to think about how you want to proceed, whether you like the bag, whether you really use it, whether it is practical and useful for you. After a few weeks of such thoughts, you will adopt a completely different attitude towards this bag, and you will be much more sure about your decision to sell it or not to sell it. Chanel bags are also a serious burden to every wallet... and at such prices we should completely love them. HTH
  4. Have you tried it with your outfits? Personally, I love this red! When I got my red m/l it took a little while to find the right things to wear it with, but now I'm just so happy to have it!
  5. I love this red too, if in person it looks like your pic.

    But if you don't like it, sell it :smile: I returned the red bought recently because it wasn't right.
  6. If you wanted a mini, I'd think the med/lg wouldn't work for other reasons as well. Return it.
  7. if i were you i would not sell it, the red is perfect and rare
  8. Sell. If it bothers you enough for you to post a thread, it has to go.
  9. I love the red, I think its the perfect true red, but if you don't love it, better to sell it rather than let it sit in your closet. Good luck deciding!
  10. girls, thank you all so much for your comments!

    I decided to sell the bag, I tried it again but I just don't think the bag looks good on me and it's too expensive to keep just sitting in my closet :sad: