To keep or say goodbye????


May 19, 2015
I'm in a quandary and would greatly appreciate your thoughts. I'm an LV girl at heart, but have ventured out into Chanel and now have two pieces. I have an alma pm in the most beautiful rouge fauvist. It was my first LVbag 4 years ago. I carried it for a solid 4 months and I have not used it since. I guess I should use it again to make sure or just sell it to fund a new Chanel that I have my eye on??? I don't care for cross body bags but would order the shoulder strap and wear on the shoulder The alma bags consign at a fair price from what I have read. I just don't know. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Apr 19, 2015
I think you should try using it, and see if you fall back in love with it. Rouge Fauviste is such a gorgeous colour! What bag do you have your eyes on?


Jun 9, 2008
Washington DC Metro Area
Each designer bag in my closet has a special reason for purchasing it and using it. Make sure you have no use for it and it was not purchased for a special event before deciding to re-sell it.

Regret is a terribly expensive thing on this forum..... you should read some posts prior to selling especially the HG (Holy Grail) searches....
Apr 26, 2009
From what you've said, I believe you would like to sell the bag. You haven't used it in 3 years+, and it seems that your bag may be better in someone elses' hands.

However, I also believe that there should be room for more thought. I've had a similar experience with my speedy 30. I used it in the past, but then stopped using it because it has become very ubiquitous, and I acquired many other bags. Back then, I decided not to sell it, because it was my very first designer bag. After a few more months or even years, I really tend to reach for it on a regular basis! I have fallen in love again with my speedy, and admire those (ubiquitous!) speedies I see in the streets. Now I also consciously rotate my bags, so that they get a healthy balance between some use and some rest / "recovery". Like so, your bags won't show signs of wear and tear as quickly as they would if you used one or two bags non-stop.
Also, there are social situations when Chanel bags may not be appropriate. So you better think about a back-up for such occasions, which potentially could be your Alma.

I feel that decisions should not be made on the basis of strong emotions. So the best way to proceed is to wait a bit, until you are ready to decide. You may think about the situations when you could use it, and reevaluate its usefulness, beauty, and frequency of use before deciding. After a while, and with some distance, you will be much more sure about your decision in favour or against your Alma. HTH
Apr 9, 2015
I actually love the alma bag and that's the only LV I own! Do I carry it often? Maybe not as much as I would like to but I know I still have a place for it in my collection so that baby didn't going anywhere. Let go only if you are convinced you will never use it. Tough decision I know [emoji16][emoji16]