to keep or return

  1. i bought myself a red fleur twilly for a bag i thought i was getting but now am not. i'm trying to decide if i should keep it. i have a myrtille speedy which it would look pretty on but i have the same fleur in blue that i bought for that and can't return.

    so... keep it- since it's so prettily boxed and just is so pretty or return it and put the money to something else like the new vernis?

    i think it's a standard piece so it's not going to go away anytime soon, right?
  2. I would return it and get some vernis;)
  3. I think so too - Buy a cles or key holder in that gorgeous new Vernis!
  4. Exchange it for something you will definitely use!
  5. Keep it -and give to a friend as a gift. I didn't use mine and gave it to my 20 year daughter and she lovvvvved it!
    It 's not that expensive, but a LV gift to be cherished by you or someone.
  6. oh it's too much for me to give to someone. my friends and i would never spend that much on each other. i would give it to my mom but she wouldn't appreciate it.
  7. Well then -return it and get something you want.I know , my mom wouldn't appreciate it either., but boy did my daughter love it!
  8. I agree with others- return it and get something in Pomme d'Amour!! oh! such a beautiful color.
  9. Return it and get a card holder...

    I have this one and it is awesome! Pic from eLuxury

  10. and that fits buisness cards? i like that! i loved the mc cozy but it's too small
  11. ^^^ Yes - fits a ton! Want me to post a pic later with it full?
  12. that would be awesome! thanks addy! :love:
  13. I would return it as well. :biggrin:
  14. Return and get something you WILL use:yes: my friend..:flowers:
  15. get some vernis!!!!