To keep or return?(chipped hardware on Chocolate Pad Tote)

  1. Arrgh!! I've wanted one of these forever and an angel here told me she saw it and I ordered it. Thanks to you if you're reading!

    Hwvr, when i examined the bag, i noticed that this part of the hardware is chipped(to left of X in pic below)


    a better(?) pic of chipped stud thingy


    a few more pics..waah! I don't know whether to keep it or not.:shrugs: I feel like it should be perfect but OTOH, I've looked for a chocolate in this style for so long.


    my husband reluctantly holding the bag for me:p

  2. I would keep it. The scuff is on the inside and this bag is hard to find. You have to decide if you can live with it though.
  3. my mom said that same thing... LOL..everyone's tired of me stalking & obsessing over this bag.


  4. To be honest, there is absolutely nothing you can do to protect the hardware. The sheer weight of the padlock against the other parts, shows wear really quickly, no matter how careful you think you are.
  5. I would soo keep it, it's a fabulous color and now the stress of making the first ding in your bag will be taken off!
  6. LOL! That's a good way to think about it!:yes:
  7. I would keep it for sure! it is a gorgeous bag! The scuff just gives it character!
  8. Ditto to the above . . . all of mine have a little ding or some finish lifting here or there and I honestly never give it a thought anymore, I don't think it detracts from the amazing colors and leathers of these bags.
  9. Part of the beauty of the paddy is that it just gets better with wear, IMHO.

    The choco is prone to scuffing in the corners too, so be prepared for that. I think it's because the leather is so incredibly soft and supple.

    But again, it gets that vintage broken-in look that I love. :heart:
  10. the hardware gets scuffed pretty easily so even if it came perfect, it would be scuffed in a few uses. I would keep it. very pretty bag and color!! congrats!
  11. I say keep it. When the hardware on my paddy first showed signs of chipping, I panicked! Now, I've learnt to accept that it adds to my paddy's character!
  12. Lol at the "reluctant" husband
    Keep the bag, the chipping can't be avoided, it is beautiful
  13. OMG that is so beautiful! Keep it keep it keep it! :drool:
  14. Yes, I say keep also. That is a fabulous color!!!
  15. I can't see it at all. I saw this bag IRL and it is a keeper. Congrats!