To keep or not to keep?

  1. Hubby's birthday is ocming next month and he's hinting of either a watch or a laptop bag. He's still got the Steve I got him a 2 years ago and although he says he loves it, I rarely see him use it and he'd very much rather use his IBM laptop bag. :sad:

    I'm thinking of either getting him a Tag Hueur (Which he's been talkng abt for yonks.) or the Damier Geant Messager bag for his birthday, should I just sell the Steve on eBay and get some birthday funds or just keep it for Discontinued items sake? :shrugs:
  2. If it's just sitting around not being used then I'd sell it and spend the money on something that he'll get use out of. But that's just me!!
  3. Damier Gent messenger is yummy. My friend has it in black, looks so cool. But do you think he will carry this messenger considering he doesn't carry his steve??

    Did you ask him why he didn't carry his Steve?
  4. Yea...I like the look of the black Damier Geant too :drool: *Too bad it's not for girls... :Push:*

    I did and he says he was afraid of:

    1. Scratching it
    2. Looking too flashy/snotty in front of his colleagues

    The last time I got him a simple Mono multiple wallet, after his colleague found out how much it costs (Which IMO isn't really a lot for a LV wallet), his colleage just exclaimed outloud during lunch: "That costs the same as my fridge back home!":wtf:

    So I think it's reason 2.... :sad:

  5. From looking at reason #2, I don't think he will carry this damier Geant Messenger either.Eventhough it's black, the Louis Vuitton logo is pretty big. It's still too flashy for him. May be something from taiga leather like Vlad got is more understatement.
    He's like my DH type..