To keep or not to keep...

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  1. I have a little tan Gucci that I have not carried for a long time. Now I carry way too many things to fit in the bag. I am mainly keeping it for a silly sentimental reason - because it was originally purchased where I was born - Sydney! This is the first time I am entertaining the thought of selling one of my bags, and I honestly can't make the decision. What should I do? Please lend me your voices of reason and help me decide.
  2. I think it depends how much $$$ you can get for it. If its enough to help pay for a bag you really want, than I would say sell....if you can't get enough to make it worth it, I would say keep!
  3. never get what you paid for it..also you may downsize in the future and the tan is classic so, to purchase a similar bag of that quality you will end up paying more...also it has an attached meaning...
  4. I say keep - it's a classic style in a colour that you can easily match...
  5. Sell it if you can get a decent amount for it. But then I haven't listed all the stuff on my 'to sell' list myself...
  6. keep it unless you are really broke
  7. It's adorable! Keep it unless you really need the $$ for something important. You never know, you may regret selling it later.

  8. Couldnt have said it better my self!!! agree!!! ;)
  9. Thanks, girls, for your input. I thought long and hard about it and came to the painful conclusion that by keeping a bag (as much as I love it) that does not get carried much any more, I am paying for the bag and closet space.

    I decided to part with it in the hopes of giving it a new home where it will see more action. I hope a nice Ebayer will get the classic beauty.
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