To Keep or Not to Keep??

  1. well I got my new Hamptons wristlet and I cant decide to keep it or not.. because I am debating on going an exchanging it for the valentines wristlet.. aww they are both cute.. but the valentines one is so unique!!






    Kimmies Beautiful wristlet:heart::love:
  2. I like the chelsea one better, if it were me, I would keep it
  3. ^^LOL! Like your valentines wristlet pic:roflmfao:
  4. Tough call. Which one do you think you would use more? I hate to bring up the practical stuff, but that's what I always consider.
  5. I had the madeline wristlet and I took it back.. it was just TOO big for me to use in my bags... and I also has a scarf print beauty case that I never used because I was scared of the fabric..

    So I am no help
  6. yeah when I got it today I was like wow.. that is kind of big huh
  7. hehe .. what can I say you have great taste!! :heart::love:
  8. Hmm....well, that's a tough one. What are you gonna use it for? A wristlet or a makeup bag? If you are gonna use it for a wristlet to go out w/ or something, I'd keep the Hamptons wristlet, because it will match almost every outfit, unless of course you do wear a lot of pink/red. But if you are gonna use it as a make up bag, I'd say the VDay wristlet. I just love that wristlet as a pop of color! God, I just looooove that Vday wristlet....toooo cute!!! BTW...I LOVE your nails!

  9. it will be in my bag for change and some cards and whatever else I need it for.. aww thank you :smile:
  10. I LOVE the Hampton's one!!!!!!
  11. Keep both!!.. Hampton for practical uses and Valentine is for valentine and special night out!!!
  12. So pretty and I LOVE your nails... I think i'd want both :biggrin:

  13. thank you! :heart: lol you 2 are a bad influence haha keep both ... :lol: I just might have to get the other wristlet and do that!
  14. I love them both but if you are looking for one you'll get more use out of, I'd say the first one (Hamptons). Too bad you can't get both, eh? :graucho:
  15. keep! Its adorable! And i think its more versatile :smile: