to keep or not to keep

  1. I have bough a few toki's just because of a "BARGIN" and not really cause I want it. So I find myself with bags I'm not totally inlove with. I like them, but could really do without them, so i think. :graucho:

    What do y'all do with all the "LIKE" bags? Keep it? Sell it?
    I've tried both (eBay/LJ) and it's not working. I either regret or change my mind...:confused1:

    It's so hard :sweatdrop:
  2. What did you get?
  3. i have the same problem! So im just going to sell it, but it's hard to sell it.. :/
  4. citta rosa bella. placement is not to great.

    OMG! it is so hard to sell! Even if you don't love it, you like enough where you have second thoughts and then you think "will i regret". Plus eBay sucks cause you might lose out on some $$$ and then on top of that you have those fees!
  5. yeah. i want to sell two of my MMs and no one's buying. xD but of course both have great placement.. just not what they're looking for and they're more expensive... :[ cause i got one at retail hawaii.. and i didnt want to lose money on it.
  6. Your stuff really isn't selling on LJ??

    I just sold my Inferno BV on there... and I'm 1/3 through a transaction for my Foresta bella (she gave me some money but I don't know where she's disappeared to).
  7. nope. LOL. did you charge below retail for your BV on LJ?
  8. I would've let it go to the highest offer, but the person I was in transaction with is a PF member so I just sold it to her for what I paid plus shipping and Paypal fees. So yes, it was a little below retail because I had bought it for $140.
  9. that might be it. ^^ because it's below retail.. when people hear about the price I paid for it in hawaii it scares them away. xD
  10. Hahaha. Maybe!!
  11. haha i know what you mean same here too!!..ppl dont know that majority of the time i pay over retail....sometimes over over retail :push: :lol:
  12. if it's something i really really really need, then I'd pay over retail for it hahha.

    djr & happy toki, you could try lowering the price a bit and see what happens? idk for some people a few dollars makes all the difference. But, I can totally see why it sucks because you paid so much for it but idk..maybe eBay would be a good place to sell...but yeahh you might even lose more money with fees *sigh*
  13. im going to see how much that mm paradiso on ebay goes for first.. if it goes high enough i'll list mine. if not.. i guess i'll wait it out lol
  14. i think i'm going to wait a while to list on ebay.
    Maybe, possibly I'll change my mind and learn to :heart: it. I guess I just have to have some self control! :graucho: