To Keep, or Not to Keep...........

  1. I already own a Black MJ Sofi bag and LOVE IT! Decided to get the same bag in the Wheat color, which is a little bit like a neutral Taupe color. I do need this color in my closet, as I have no neutral colored bags. I like the color, but don't know if I am in love with the color, kind of blase, but I guess most neutrals are that way????? It's growing on me, but only have a week to make my decision, as the return policy on the place I purchased it is a week only, ugh..... Do absolutely love the bag, though, and think these bags will be my indestrucible everyday work bags. Hoping you can give me your opinions on the bag & color.....

  2. Personally, I would send it back. Wheat is one color that just seemed rather bland to me. Also, you should never keep a bag you aren't in love with (especially at these prices!). Good luck with your decision!

    Oh and if you still want it in a couple of months you shouldn't have any problems finding one.
  3. I agree with Melly, esp since you already have this in black. Keep looking, you might find another style in the same color that will appeal to you more.
  4. At first I thought you shouldn't return the bag but then I looked at the pic and realized yeah, the color is kinda dull. I think there are other neutral colors out there that are so much more attractive. And I agree with Melly that unless you absolutely LOVE it, don't compromise.
  5. Only keep it if you think that your gonna use her. I like it though.
  6. I agree with Melly too. If you aren't head over heels in love with it, then you should wait until you find one that you can not live without. Good luck! Decisions...decisions.....
  7. there will always be more neutral colored bags, and probably one in the future that you like which you won't go "hmmmm" over.
  8. Thank you all! Very good advice....Returning the Taupe bag and awaiting the neutral colored bag that keeps me awake at night!!!