To keep or not to keep?

  1. I just got the mangolia Ferragamo Vittoria, which is just so gorgeous and is definitely something I'll be utilizing through the years. Definitely a keeper!


    But I also snagged a tobacco Gustto Campitelli for 142! I totally love it, can/would use it for school/etc since it has a long shoulder strap I can get it and out of it easily. I know I don't need it, but I think it's unique and useful, I don't want to let it go!


    I'm also planning to buy a beige vintage Gucci doctor bag that's in tip top condition, from someone in the area for 100. I don't want to miss out on a stunning vintage piece!


    I want diversity in my bags, but I shouldn't take them all, at the same time, I don't want to miss opportunities I might not have later on, and end up pining about it. What do you think I should do?
  2. OMG, Love them all! Adore your Ferragamo Vittoria. :heart:
  3. I say keep all three but if you really have to let one go, i would say the gustto.
  4. I'd say keep all, but if you must ditch something then the gucci.
  5. Personally, I love the Vintage Gucci so much :love: and it seems you'd get s greal deal on it!!!

    For Gustto, you said you would have a little chance to use it so I think you should get the thing you can use more!:yes:

    The color of Ferragamo is really cute but it's not for me. :sweatdrop:
  6. I looove the Ferragamo and the Gucci, esp the Ferragamo though! Not a huge fan of the second. Great deal though, but if you like it, keep it.
  7. I like all three! Keep everything. Love the leather on the Ferregamo. The second one is just super cute. And you can't go wrong with a vintage Gucci.
  8. Ferragamo is lovely - the color and leather are just great. Im not sure about the second bag though.
  9. Wow, congratulations for your bags! Deciding what to keep, I would definitely Keep Ferragamo and Gucci, a vintage bag like that is worth a sacrifice!:tup:
  10. I love all 3! I agree that if you had to give one up, it would be the Gustto. Love the Ferragamo! And the vintage Gucci in top condition is a super find!
  11. I don't like the Ferragamo at all, the magnolia color and the shape make it look like something my grandma would carry. The Gucci is my favorite, the Gustto I could take or leave.
  12. love the gustto.....let me know where i can get one! lol love it!
    and have the gucci exact already you will love it for years!
  13. I like them all. I would keep all 3!
  14. Keep all of them... if you don't you might regret it in the future... and at those prices you cant go wrong.
  15. I say keep all 3 as well. You may never find an awesome deal like that again!! Good luck with what you decide!!

    (def. keep them all!!!!) :shame: