to keep or not to keep?

  1. Okay, I have a bit of a dilemna...over the past year or so I've invested in a couple of LV's (damier speedy 25, mono speedy 25). However, I'm only 19 and still in college. At the time, I was absolutely in love with them, but I find myself liking them less and less...almost like they're a bit too grown up for me. Besides, I'm completely a jeans and t-shirt girl, and find myself feeling a bit ridiculous when I carry such an expensive bag with such laid-back clothing. Should I get rid of them (sell them)? I keep thinking that I could instead have some money to go travelling with, etc., instead of having 2 bags that are so nice that I don't even use them. What do you guys think I should do?
  2. Sell them if you don't love them. They are LV classics, which means you can buy them later and they will be available when you are ready to REALLY use them !!!
  3. I don't think the speedy is too dressy. I think it's the perfect laid back bag to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. But if you're unhappy with them, then I would sell it. Makes no sense to keep something you really don't want anymore.
  4. If you don't really like them anymore, then you should sell them and use the money to do something you REALLY want. Those styles will still be around later if you decide you want them back.
  5. I think those are both casual bags and look perfect w/ jeans and tees personally. If you ask me if the manhattan pm or gm is a casual bag I'd say no, that's a more mature looking bag that is dressy-ish imo. But a bucket, noe, papillon, speedy, tote in monogram or damier, those are all laid back casual styles. I say keep it and enjoy, you're worth it! They're not too dressy or fancy, you just look like you gots lots of style! I don't think you'd get that much money for it to travel with to make it worth your while to sell them. Another thing is that LV prices keep increasing, if you do sell them and you want them again which is a strong possibility you will spend anywhere from 40-100 more to replace them when you are ready since LV can raise prices that much per increase often more depending on the style.
  6. Well if you are not happy with them & need the money then sell as long as you don't lose too much money as later you will probably want these bags again, they are classics!
  7. Since you were absolutely in love with them within this last year, you might regret it if you sell them so soon. Maybe you could sell one and keep the other one for now, then see how you feel after a couple of months. BTW, the speedy can definitely be a casual bag too, so wear it and enjoy it!
  8. Okay this is the key phrase: invested. As soon as you want to buy these bags again in a few years, they will cost a lot more. LV bags last a long long time if they are cared for. The Speedy 25 is one of the most casual styles, and I don't consider it to be particularly "mature" either.

    It sounds like maybe you have a few hang-ups about wearing designer goods in general? If it's not for you, it's not for you I guess. *shrug*
  9. I don't think the Speedy is too formal either, but if you truly feel uncomfortable carrying them, you can let them go for now and use the money somewhere else important (tuition, travel). Or, keep one and sell the other, that way you'd still have a nice bag to carry ;)
  10. I would keep them and use them. I see tons of young women around here carrying LV speedies with very casual attire. However, if you're not comfortable using them, you might want to sell and use the money for something you would value more at this time.
  11. I agree that the speedy is a laid back bag but I sort of know what you mean. Sell them if you don't totally love them....or just keep one.
  12. You said in your post that you are liking them "less and less." Maybe you want someone to "convince" you that selling it is the right thing to do. Handbags are a material possession (and obsession). If you don't love the bags, then start by selling the one that you like less.
    I also think that a LV looks very chic with a jean/t-shirt style. But it's your decision, whatever is your priority.
  13. I agree with Sarmel...sell one and see how you feel about it...
  14. I think that if they are sitting in your closet collecting dust, you should sell them. You chose a classic so they will always be there to be bought in the future!
  15. PS. Goodluck! LVoe your cute avatar!