To Keep or Not to Keep?

  1. So I put a post on LJ seeing if anyone wanted to trade: I put up my OP Stellina looking for an OP Bella. And I got a response! (I had really wanted a L'amore Stellina, but when I saw the deal on eBay for an OP one, it was too good to pass up)

    So I figured you guys would be good feedback and letting me know whether I should make the switch or not! Here's the pics of her bella (which I mostly want for the Meomi Qee!! :drool:)

    What do you think? I honestly can't really imagine myself getting a bella in any other print except OP, and I don't want to repeat bag styles.
  2. I'm a little confused, probably because of the wording...but the gist of this is do we think you should trade your OP stellina for this bella? *cough*, pics of your op stellina?

    It's a cute bag...but it's missing the latte, the emo boy & the cactus person...(sabochan?)...or are those not important to you? If not, then I say go for it? LOL.
  3. too cute!!!!!:tup:
  4. :love::love: that's the OP bella that i loved!!! the color, placement, everything!!! take the trade!!
  5. Yes, I would be trading my stellina for the Bella. My stellina has basically the same print as the Bella:
    Sorry the pics are kinda big, but im not home, the only place i could find them was the eBay auction i won the bag from.
  6. I personally like bellas, so I guess if you want a bella..make the trade ^__^ hehe since you also like the placement :tup:
  7. Like Jessica said, if the print placement works for you and you want a bella, go for it!:tup:
  8. Yup's personal choice. If that is what you wanted, don't hesitate or the deal will pass. I am not much of a Bella person, I sold my original Bella a long time ago but if I had kept it, I might not let it go.
  9. I like the bella!
  10. i say bella hands down!
  11. I guess it depends on what type of bag you like carrying cuz the bella is a shoulder bag and the stellina is a messenger style bag. Both the bella and the stellina look really nice.

    hmm I'd say that if you've really been wanting the bella .. then go for it! especially if you can't see yourself getting a bella in any other print but original :tup:
  12. I like the stellina better, but I tend to prefer that style of bag over the bella's style! I agree with everyone though - if you really want the bella and won't regret getting rid of the stellina, then go for it!
  13. as a side thought ... has there ever been a time when a forum member told another forum member "noooo don't do it!!!!!"

    lol sorry it's just that I realize when asked a toki question we're all like "yes! do it!" haha :biggrin:
  14. ^lol sooo true!

    Ok I did it! We're sending them out to each other tomorrow! I'm excited! And now I can focus on finding a stellina in another print I like! (which might wind up being tutti since im really leaning towards the Amore ciao after re-reading bubblesungs bag reference post)
  15. i have alot of people trying to tell me stuff like ..arent' you on ban? and i have samantha trying to disable me from buying ANY TOKI...cuz i told her to stop me lol. I have like no moneyyyyyyyyyy lol.