To keep or Not to Keep?????

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  1. I have a beautiful brand new royal blue Chloe Python Silverado in the large size, but have never got round to using it. Should I keep this bag even though I've had it for nine months. Is it a classic or will it look dated a couple of years from now? How much would it go for on eBay these days? Your thoughts would be really helpful on this baby.
  2. ooh I have never seen a royal blue python. Could you post piccies for us :biggrin:

  3. :wtf: Nine months? Not having used yet? :wtf: Oh my dear...take her out of "prison" at least one time. And if you're definetly not very sure of it, let it go...:shrugs:
  4. wow, would love to see that one. Royal blue is think would be a hot color. I'm sure you would be able to sell it without any problem.
  5. You simply must post pics!
  6. I think if you were going to use her then you would've by now so maybe it's time to sell her or loan her to me, hehe, j/k. If you don't use something in a year I think it's time to figure out where it belongs IMO.
  7. Oooh I love python silverados... haven't seen royal blue tho! Pls post pics!! :yes:
  8. a Royal Blue Python Silverado???:nuts:
    Pic pic pic pretty please!!!:yahoo:
  9. Ok guys thanks for your input, will post pics tommorow so keep reading for an update.
  10. Ok here we are, Sorry if the pics aren't great but this is the first time I've posted pics. The bag was bought in Harvey Nichols, Manchester last year. The colour has come out a bit lighter due to flash, but it is a lovely deep blue. What do you guys think??????
    python chloe.JPG Python 2.JPG
  11. Wow, that is absolutely stunning. If you haven't used her you should def. try to sell her. I should think you could get at least 800 pounds for it on eBay.
  12. Wow it's gorgeous :heart:
  13. Lovely!!!
  14. I love, love this bag!!! One of the best Silverado colors ever. Unless you bought it on sale, though, I think eBay is a bad idea if you want even most of your money out of it. This is a $2700 bag, yet people expect them for nothing on ebay. Rather than lose $1,000 or more for nothing, I say at least use it some first. You might even get to love it.
  15. I'm hearing you guys, How do you carry your silverados, this one is a bit bulky to wear on your shoulder, but I have seen people carrying it that way. I've always been more of a shoulder bag kind of girl but when I saw this beauty I couldn't resist but all I seem to do is take her out of the dustcover to admire her. Does this sound insane????