To keep or not to keep?

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  1. Hi,

    I've been reading the posts on this forum and it's my first ever entry.

    I hope those with the expertise can weigh in on my dilemma.
    Here goes...
    I purchase a red chanel bag this January 2007 and I don't know if I still want to keep it. It's a patent red retro classic flap with silver hardware from the Spring/Summer 2007 collection. There were only 4 bags brought in the boutique (I myself being one of those on this list). Red is hard to come by in Chanel that's why I got it but now am not sure if it's the right one to keep.
    I do have the classic double flap in black and a classic white shopping grand tote also. Both of which have been extremely useful.

    Now, I don't know if I if this is worth keeping or do I sell it and get modern chain tote ?Help!

    Am attaching a photo....

  2. For me personally, I'd get tired of the trim very quickly.
  3. i'm not so into the trim, i'd say return/sell it and get a red classic flap instead.
  4. Thanks. I should have trusted my instincts about it... Always go for the classic ones...
  5. ^agreed... i personally like the classic flap a bit more.
  6. ^ Agree with everyone. =)
  7. like billbill said, return it and get something you like :smile:
  8. Sell it.
  9. Agree....either return or sell it
  10. not to keep
  11. I'm waiting for a red Jumbo. I love red, but I'm not loving the trim on the bag you have. If you have doubts, return it.
  12. I agree with everyone :yes:
  13. I agree also.
  14. It's unanimous so far -- return it.
  15. Yup I'm in! Back it goes...good job on trusting your instincts!!