To keep or not to keep, Valentino nude patent

  1. Hi ladies, i am not sure how many have a passion for Valentino bags, but they have really impressed me with their lovely satchels in the last two years, last spring especially. i am in love with anything in nude color this year and want your opinion on this nude patent leather Valentino satchel. to keep or not to keep??? that is the question! thanks. 100% honesty appreciated please. I am a jeans and high heels gal who is a stay at home mom to a two year old. I mostly wear my bags to the grocery store ;) so I know this is a bit formal looking! But I LOVE the color and the braided trim which I think does make it more casual. HELP!

  2. Its a gorgeous bag!! i would say definetly keep, and who cares if your just going to the grocery store treat it like its a catwalk n *work it*:party:
  3. Keep! It's a hot bag!
  4. oh, I do work it girl, you know it! I'm too sexy for my grocery bags, I'm too sexy for my milk, so sexy it hurts!!! LOL ! :happydance:

    Trouble is, there are about a million new bags I want and since I am a disaster area with white bags, I thought this would be a great spring color. thanks!

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Completely understand on the white handbags subject so pretty for spring, but however i am a complete clutz and wrote the handbook on how to ruin a white bag in 10 days. It is a lovely spring colour and especially in the patent, and looks quite roomy too. Do you know how big it is?
  6. I took a picture with it over my arm but cannot paste it in the thread. It is 15" wide by 12" high and 5" deep. It is on the large side . Can you tell me how to paste or upload a photo? then i can show you what it looks like on me. thanks for the reply....
  7. I think its a keeper. Too nice for the groceries but I am sure you will go out once in a while.
  8. Good size definetly a everyday bag then,(i need a good sized bag that everything but the kitchen sink can fit in). I tried it the other day and could'nt get it too work. Will have to ask one of the other girls!
  9. My Grandma always said....if you don't LOVE LOVE LOVE it, you shouldn't own it.

    If you do, then work it.
  10. It is a beautiful bag.I am also a Valentino lover:heart: .Your new bag is on my most wanted list.I love the color! It is pretty in red but more unique in the nude patent.Great choice:woohoo:Looking forward to seeing pictures of your bag.
  11. I LOVE Valentino bags. This one in patent is gorgeous! It's a great neutral! It will make any outfit look chic!
  12. you can resize and then cut and paste photos by using
    :yes: :p
  13. ok Kat, here goes, hope you can see the photos... then tell me if it works for casual too, which is about 90% of my life! thanks gals, love your input and impeccable and honest taste!


    how do you just paste them as a jpeg file?
  14. That is one hot bag. Keeeeeeep it. :smile:
  15. I like it, is it currantly being sold? Keep it!!!