TO keep or not to keep this LV?

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  1. I'm thinking about giving my Damier bucket bag to my sis since I barely use the bag. Is the LV DAmier bucket bag good to have in a collection? Or should I give her this pink Fendi zucca instead? I'm not really a pink person, but I think it's good to have different color variety in a bag collection. What do you guys think? So confused....


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  2. I say keep them both. You may regret giving them away one day. If your sis wants one bad enough, Im sure she can find a way right??
  3. I know, I just feel bad because shes been carrying the same Dior bag for about a year now... thanks for the advice...
  4. I love both of them. I love my LV Damier because I can dress it up or down (papillon). I don't use my Fendi much either.

    Since you want to be generous to your sis... I have questions do you have a problem with the handles on the bucket falling off your shoulder and do you use it at all? If you love the pattern but are tired of it only then would I keep it because you probably would use it again.

    I love the Fendi flap, its a great spring bag and doesn't scream pink... but if you never use it and don't like pink at all then I would pass that. LV will always be around and if you did keep it I think you could sell it on Ebay faster than you could the Fendi.

    Just read up...if she uses Dior she may love monogram and love the Fendi. If you want color in your wardrobe and can afford a bag with color for approx 110. look at the talbot bag Issmom was talking about its adorable.
  5. I'd keep both! I'm a bag hog.
    Your sister is carrying Dior, that's nothing to sneeze at!
  6. Thanks Serendipity3kB! I have no problems with the handles and the Fendi is a great spring bag!
  7. LoL!!!
  8. That's nice of you, wanting to give a good bag to your sister. How thoughtful!
  9. ekekek, i'd totally keep them both just because i wouldn't want any regret later on down the track! :biggrin: you're a really good sister for thinking of your sister, but i'm sure the Dior has afew more months/years to go! :biggrin:
  10. Ummmmmm guess I talked you into keeping both:amuse:
  11. Has your sister expressed wanting either bag? Just curious...
  12. NO, I'm afraid that if she finds out that she actually has a choice of owning either one she'll ask for both!!! So, I won't even ask her..:amuse:
  13. I like the Damier more...keep that one!
  14. Do you really need to pass a designer bag to her that you like? Maybe you could purchase a bag like the talbot bag as a gift for her instead? May I ask how old she is? Employed, student?
  15. nooo dont give one away:nuts: i gave one of my bags away this summer...and only two weeks passed before i started to regret doing so...there will always be an outfit down the road that would have been JUST PERFECT with the bag you gave away!