To keep or not to keep... the Tano Centerfold

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Keep or not to keep...

  1. No! Send that sucker back and put the money into savings...

  2. Yes! It's a classic that you will love for years to come.

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  1. I ordered it on Friday and it came yesterday (Monday). I love it and it's beautiful, but being the second-guesser that I am, I'm having second thoughts. I paid $169 and shipping was free. I think I should keep it solely b.c Alexandra was so wonderful.

    My criteria were that I wanted something classic, yet chic. Black leather w. two straps (shorter for over the shoulder and longer for messenger style...) and I really wanted silver hardware. It took me forever to decide on this one, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I might be getting a special Bag (whose name might rhyme -Halenciaga...) for Christmas and then I would want to use that one for work rather than this one... The process of writing out this post has made me realize that I do love this bag, although I'm not a wealthy girl, and $169 is a decent chunk of change... Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance!


    And since I love doing this w. my bags...

    (Please excuse the photo-whoring and messy library... I just got a new haircut, but the mess... eh, it's been there since we moved in.)
  2. I think it looks really good on you, but the question is really whether YOU like the way that it looks.
  3. Robyn- Thanks. And you're right about me having to make a decision...

    In the end, it's not big enough for my laptop :sad:, but it's such a lovely bag. I think I may end up asking if I can send it back. It would be a waste if I never got to use it.

  4. I think it looks lovely on you. So it's too bad you have decided to return it but of course, it's your decision to make.