To keep or not to keep....that is the question!

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  1. I just got the Trevi PM from Saks and it was the last one they had at that location....for now of course! Anyway, I love the bag but I looked and it is made in the USA. Not sure how I feel about that! Just seems like LV should come from France! I do realize there is a "shortage" (supposedly) so if I return it not sure how long it will be before I can get another AND I have no guarantee that the next one won't be made in USA too. Would love to hear your thoughts! TIA!!
  2. I Love the Trevi pm... that is on my wish list. To me it really doesn't make it difference if it is made in France or the US. However, if it bothers you that much then you should return it and see if you can find a made in France one. Like you said it may be a while due to the shortage.
  3. i never check where mine are made. If it bothers you take it back and there will be more in January
  4. I am more of a stickler for any type of defect or micro misalignment then I am for MIF. A couple of my bags are made in USA and are of impeccable quality. I like that my purchase is supporting a few American jobs..but the design will always be Paris, France. Usually you are the only person who looks inside the bag so if you feel that you will "love" the bag a little less then maybe try to wait it out. I would just be careful of not returning/exchanging or purchasing same bag multiple times as you don't want to send up any red flags. Best of luck!
  5. i prefer bags made in France too. but if the inside and outside are perfectly fine, i'd keep it b/c of the shortage. maybe before you return it, you can ask your SA if she can get you a Made in France one and if so, how long it would take.
  6. Thanks for all your comments. I think I am going to keep her! She is very well made and I don't think I want to wait until more come in! Anyone know where in the USA they make them? Just curious!
  7. USA or France doesn't matter to me!
  8. There's a factory in Cali (my Galliera is there being repaired) and maybe Texas??
  9. It doesn't bother me if the bags aren't made in France too! As long as it's in excellent condition, well made, etc i don't mind if it's from USA or Spain, etc.
  10. Lovely bag! Keep her!
  11. I guess there is a special perception for 'made in france' LV bags and accessories. But that's what it is - a perception. In reality there is no real tangible difference (in quality, for instance), so I personally won't be too bothered. It's nice to have, not must have.
  12. The US factory and repair facility is in southern California.
  13. With the shortage, I'd keep it. Would you return it if you got a Made in Spain or Made in Italy?
  14. Keep.
  15. It doesn't bother me where the bag is made. I like to help support jobs in the U.S.