To keep or not to keep, that is the question!

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  1. So I realize that only I can make this decision, and Mokey already weighed in in favor of returning the Soho, but who else wants to give me their 2 cents?!
    Im keeping the black definitely, but should I return to buckskin Soho for another pleated, probably either the natural leather or natural patent? I love the bag but it is pretty heavy. Not too too much to use, but heavier than the ergo. Just lookswise, would you keep both and have two different bags or return the Soho for another spring/summer ergo? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!

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  2. Hmmm I do like to have variety IF I had several bags :P But I think that the ergo would be beautiful and totally different in a lighter or different color.. if you think you will like it more, I would go for the ergo. :tup: GL!
  3. Well I have love/hate relationship with heavy bags but if I were you I would keep the soho because it is one of the few bags that takes my breath away, I'm sorry to say but the pleated kisslock bag did not take my breath away as pretty as it is.
  4. IMO, I think if you are saying that the Soho is a little bit too heavy for you, I'd return it and get another pleated ergo (satchel or a tote even?) if you like the style of the pleated ergo, I don't think there is anything wrong with having more than one bag of the same style but in different colors... I'd say if you did, go w/the natural in the pleated ergo! I love that color!
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pleated Ergo!! How much is that bag. I don't know if I have ever coveted a bag so much! I think you definatley need this in a spring/summer color! The soho is invisible next to the pleated ergo!
  6. I think the pleated ergo is more dressy and classy-looking. I can sure see that soho with casual clothes like jeans and a white t-shirt. The pleated one in a different color like tan would go with jeans though. It's your call, they're both good.
  7. Keep the SOHO:drool: (or send her to me LOL :biggrin:)
  8. I don't care for the soho and the pleated ergos are HOT. I'd get another ergo in natural.
  9. I would return it, especially if think that it is too heavy you prob won't end up using it very much! :shrugs:
  10. Hmm tough decision! I like to have a variety myself (with my 3 bags, LOL), but I'm not really feeling the Soho. I dislike heavy bags, which is why I don't carry my Ali slim flap very often! I would probably return it for another spring/summer bag!
  11. Return the Soho
  12. I would say return the soho.. if you are already having second thoughts about the bag why not get something you will like maybe even more and get more use out of?
  13. Honestly, I like your Soho better, but I think that's because I don't care for black leather bags that much. Otherwise I love the pleated style from what I have seen in the pics (have not seen these at all IRL, and I'm concerned that the leather might be very shiny and thin like the white Kiki). I have seen the Soho IRL, and it's a very nice bag. I would say if the weight bothers you, though, then you're best off returning it and purchasing something else that would be more practical for you.

  14. Me either! This bag reminds me of a Sigrid Olsen bag I already have (and have had for a while now)... It's a pretty bag though, just not sure yet if I want to jump!
  15. I would say return the soho. Comfort is a key element and the ergo is both cute and comfortable.