To keep or not to keep, that is the question. . .

Mar 31, 2009
This question pops up often enough that I thought it could use a dedicated thread. Perhaps it is a bag you just bought and still have time to return. Or perhaps it is a bag you’ve had for a decade and are thinking about selling. Whatever the situation, why not ask here first?

Here’s mine - a Mark Cross mini Grace in gold and a Mark Cross small Grace in silver. Should I keep both, sell both, or keep only one and, in that case, which one?

Background—I’ve had the gold mini one for a while and love it for formal events (especially holiday parties), but it is very small and a little aggravating to carry for that reason. I thought I’d stumbled on its counterpart in silver for a great price but realized when I got it that it is actually the next size up, the small Grace. On the one hand, score—what a great price for the small Grace! But on the other hand, hmmm . . . . will it work as an evening bag and if not, am I kidding myself to think that I could use it more broadly (if and—fingers crossed—when, the world recovers from Covid-19)? The Net-a-Porter styling with the grandpa cardigan and trousers is cute, but definitely not my life! Opinions appreciated!



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May 3, 2007
What papertiger said - keep both. The silver is a bit larger and can suit for different purposes, and that gold - oh my, just thinking of you using it at a holiday party makes me happy. :sunshine: COVID will end, and you’ll be ready.

ETA: And thank you for this thread ... I’ve got a purse or two with this very question.
Mar 31, 2009
Thank you both. I had a temporary moment of insanity when I considered selling the gold mini one. I adore it for formal events and although those seem like a distant memory now, I’d really regret it if and when (I’m hopeful!!!) they come back, especially since I have a deep green formal dress that I especially love it with. I imagine that It go on a hunt for something similar at a similar price and be sorely disappointed. Plus, I love that it is a classic, vintage style and something that isn’t very common.

I’m a bit more torn on the silver but definitely leaning toward keeping it—thank you both. It’s incredibly well made and beautiful and, again, I imagine that I’d be sorely disappointed if and when (yes, when!!!) I have occasion for a formal-ish silver bag. And if I want to make it appear smaller, I’ll just need to don a higher pair of heels. Not a bad incentive to have :smile:.
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Jun 19, 2020
I had a vintage silver metallic clutch given to me by my mom. Never took up a lot of space so I kept it for years, even though I never used it. Well....I did a big purge and donated it. You can guess what happened....not exactly months after that I had a perfect dress that was a unusual color and looked awful with the 2 black evening bags I had kept. Had to buy a stupid silver bag that was not as good as the other one and could even have used my mom’s on my wedding day (which would have been so sweet.)

Moral of the story- metallic bags fill a very special hole and good ones are never to be found when you need one. If you have a good one, KEEP IT. You will use it, for sure!!!

oh, and when I saw your silver bag, I thought it would be a beautiful, rich compliment for something staid and classic like grey flannel. A bit of girliness in a menswear inspired outfit. Maybe more versatile than you think :smile:
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