To keep or not to keep? Sweet Flower Scarf Blue.

  1. My Dear dear hubby brought back this scarf for me today as an apology present (I think :p). He came back looking rather disappointed and ... well I don't think I like this one so much, either. Should I exchange it for 2 bandeau's (pink sweet flower + denim) or maybe the phone strap if they got pomme or amarante? I got a couple of pictures of the scarf for all to see. :smile:
    Sweet Flower Scarf1.JPG Sweet Flower Scarf2.JPG
  2. I like the bandeaus better, so you could get 2 for the price of the scarf, but it is pretty if you will use it.
  3. I like it, keep it :smile:
  4. It's a pretty scarf, but you don't sound like you are 100% in LVOE with it, so I would exchange it for something you MUST have !!!!!!!
  5. id say keep it. i really like it.
    i never thought i would wear a scarf but i got the love one and wear it all the time.
  6. OH wow i love it.
  7. I really like that Denim black/blue bandeau and the "That's LOVE" cell strap or the pink sweet flower bandeau. Going back to the store tomorrow and look for the "Must have's." hehe. I do think it's pretty.

    Has anyone seen the denim scarves/bandeau's? DH said they are really nice looking in person.
  8. Babyangie... I think you should keep the scarf, especially since hubby bought it. It may not be your style but it came from his heart.
  9. Wow! I really like it a lot but if you don't then definetly choose something else you'll love & enjoy! :yes:
  10. Keep! :nuts:

    I LVOE it!
  11. I like it but if if you think you won't use it, might be better to swap for something you can use.
  12. I couldn't resist so I played with it a little. It really is pretty!! Hehe. Got 14 days to get refund and 30 days for exchange.
    Sweet Flower as Shaw.JPG as scarf.JPG
  13. I really like it, but it's up to you. That was sweet of your hubby!
  14. It looks really good on you, but if you would rather have something else I would swap. As long as hubby doesn't mind tho...
  15. keep it, its so cute.