To keep or not to keep ~ Studded Sig Tote!

  1. For Christmas this year, the boyfriend gave me the Gallery Signature Studded Tote in Brown. It's absolutely beautiful,,,,but, I have never been a huge fan of how the gallery totes close and how they feel resting underneath my arm. He knows I was really digging the shiny lurex fabric this season, and needed a new brown bag - so I know he put a lot of thought into buying it. He wouldn't be hurt if I exchanged it, but I'm not so sure I want to give it up because the color is just so darn gorgeous!!! So does anyone have this bag? Will the straps and the boxy bottom start to loosen up a bit after time so that it is more comfortable as a shoulder bag? I did put all my stuff in it, and that seemed to help with the straps falling off my shoulder.

    Please help make a decision, or suggest a new bag!!! Thanks.
  2. I'm sorry I don't have any advice because I don't own the bag, but it IS beautiful! I've seen people wearing it and I love the look!
  3. It's a really beautiful bag! I don't own a gallery tote because I don't like where it hits me under the arm...makes me a little nuts..but they are very comfortable on other people, and they look so classy. I don't know what advice to offer...could you choose another dark brown sig bag--like the Carly or a sig stripe tote--that would be more comfortable?
  4. I don't own a gallery tote, but it is beutiful!
  5. LOVE IT!!! Keep It
  6. I received this for xmas also. I agree about the straps and how it hugs under the arm...not the best shoulder bag. However, the shimmery rich brown is just too stunning to let go. I think Im going to keep mine. It is just so pretty.
  7. Also, I adjusted the straps to let it have the longest drop. That helped a bit. Me thinks you should keep! :woohoo: