To keep or not to keep? RM Desire!

  1. my desire whipstitch bag arrived from Zappos today and i absolutely love it. the size is perfect and the leather is amazing. the only thing i'm not sure about is the color! it says it's light pink but i see it more as a dusty pink.

    here's a picture i posted to twitter from my phone, so excuse the quality. i think the color is pretty accurate to real life though (except for the yellowness due to the lighting!).

  2. I think it's lovely... If I didn't have a Vieux Rose Bal City, I'd get one like that...
    The color, leather and shape is very similar to my Bal :love:
  3. I like it! Is that silver hw? I think you will be able to match it with a lot of outfits. I would keep it.
  4. I really like the Desire. The only reason I don't get one is that it doesn't come in the color I want yet. I like the pink though, if it is a good color for you. I'm not a pinky person, so it's hard for me to say.
  5. thanks guys! it's great to hear your opinions on it. i think i might keep it because i love the style and everything, the color is pretty but i still have to think about it - and see if it'll match with most of my clothing (which i think i will). i'd love to have it in black though, but it doesn't hurt to have two, huh?

    and it's with silver hardware!
  6. ahh i decided to keep it. it's too beautiful to pass up :heart:
  7. allurella, that is gorgeous!! I think it's a great neutral that will work well with anything! Glad you decided to keep it! Tara, now why did you have to post that picture!!!:drool:
  8. Your desire is gorgeous! you should absolutely keep it! its quite glorious really! so perfect for spring/summer! : )
  9. I think it's a beautiful color!! I would keep it!!
  10. i looove it now! i took it out for the first time and its perfect :smile:
  11. Glad you decided to keep it... i keep going back to picture to drool over it...and yes! it will go with a lot! it's surprisingly great neutral :yes:
  12. i'm glad too! i'll post more pictures so you'll get something new to drool over :biggrin: