To keep or not to keep... Penny Loves Kenny Kelseys

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  1. I got a *killer* deal on a pair of Penny Loves Kenny Kelseys in red yesterday... the thing is, I'm not sure how often I'll wear them. So I have a few questions...

    1. Do you think suede is more of a fall and winter thing? Or can it work for spring?
    2. Do you think red suede could work in the spring? I'm noticing a lot of red this season, but not really a lot of red suede
    3. Are these too 'trendy' to possibly hold onto until fall?

    I attached a pic of the black ones for reference. I can't find a pair of red ones online, and mine are at home...

    Like I said, I did get a great deal on these... but if I'm never going to wear them, its a waste of money :sad:

  2. I think they are cute. I wear suede year round, and red suede is a lot of fun. You could wear these with dresses, skirts, and jeans. If you got a good deal, then keep them. Post pictures of the real deal if you can...
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    I'm not even sure what the retail is on these... I think they're around $100. I ended up getting them for $35.

    I feel silly even questioning such a small amount. Heck, that's what I spend on a weeks worth of coffee runs :lol:

    ETA: I thought these were at home. Imagine my surprise when I opened my trunk and realized I forgot to take them upstairs last night.

    Here's a trunk picture :P

  4. I think keep them. They're adorable and will look fab with dresses and also jeans
  5. Oh, yeah, super cute. Don't even think twice.
  6. I feel better...

    Now I have to sneak em in the house before bf comes over. I don't need to hear about how I bought two pairs of red shoes this week :lol:
  7. Ah yes but was the first pair ankle strap and suede?!
  8. Nope. They're patent peep toe platforms. Totally different. But try explaining that to a man :P
  9. I like them in red - when I first saw them in black I though, "meh."

    The red is very pretty though... keep them - I vote adorable! I'm loving the ruffles on the heels.
  10. LOL he's too new to be complaining about your shoe habit already! Tell him to simmer :P
  11. They're really cute in red. Congrats on such a steal!
  12. Not only am I keeping them, but I decided to wear them today :lol:

    I LOVE them


    :lol: Jeneen, He isn't so much 'complaining'... he just likes to give me crap. :P
  13. The shoes are gorgeous!!! They look great on you...
  14. I LOVE those shoes, and they look great on you! You made the right decision to keep them!
  15. When I saw the black I thought eww...when I saw the trunk pic in red I thought not bad...when i saw them on you i thought oooh nice...keep'em!