To keep or not to keep...opinions please

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  1. Hi all!
    So, in a pre-increase frenzy, I purchased a few bags, but now I'm experiencing a bit of buyers guilt. I bought a mon mono speedy, a speedy DA, and 2 neverfulls gm (DA & DE). My thought was that I would put the neverfulls away for a later time and save money in the future.

    Now, I just love using a speedy. It's an amazing bag. I lug around a pre-loved mono 30 for everyday (not at work) and use a pre-loved mono b 40 for work. I have not used the neverfulls and am thinking since I love the speedy so much, maybe I should return them?

    Also, since my recent run in with a friend judging me for having a pre-loved lv bag, will other people (co-workers) judge me for constantly using different lv bags?
  2. Don't allow other people to make you feel something negative about your bags. Maybe return 1 of the NF' can always use a tote. Since you bought the Speedy in DA maybe keep the DE. Enjoy your bags:smile:
  3. I would sell if you're not using them and put money towards something else and who cares if they judge! Rock your Louis like it's nobody's business because it's not:smile:
  4. I rotate my bags, SLG's, straps on my bags and bandeau's so often...I am not sure what my co- workers think! :nuts: I love it so I don't care what they think, I just love playing with my bags!

    Keep what works for you now and in the future. I don't own a NF (I own a Delightful and Petit Noe so thise are my totes) but everyone says it is a great bag! Hope it works out for you!

    Good luck!
  5. There is no way to know if you will like these bags in the future, so there is no way to know if you're saving money. IMHO, if you are willing to spend that much money on bags now, you will spend that much money on bags in the future. So, you will have the bags you are saving (which you may or may not like anymore due to changes in lifestyle and fashion trends) and you will still be buying new bags. At least, that is my off the cuff vision.

    I would return them if you're not using them now.
    I would not care about my co-workers or friends, however.

  6. :woohoo::woohoo:
  7. If you're really having buyer's remorse, return something. If you're torn on the Neverful's, just return one. A tote is always a good bag to have. And since I'm obsessed with Speedy's (and sounds like you are, too), I won't tell you to return that one ;)

    Oh, and don't even worry about your co-workers!

  8. +1
  9. Keep them all!
    You will use them over time and never let co workers be a reason to feel guilty?? Lol