To keep or not to keep...Lanvin ballet flats!

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  1. #1 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    We should have a thread called "to buy/keep - not to buy/keep" So we can consolidate our threads. That would be cool.


    Anyway I bought some Lanvin flats at NR and I might return them but Im literally unable to decide. I need your help! They were $185 after tax, olive green leather (no box - bummer!) I would keep them but feel really guilty because Ive gone over my budget this month with so many great deals...a burberry trench (thankfully 65% off), Derek Lam handbag (sale) and Chloe sunglasses, oh, and Apple Conditioner (thanks girls!) and probably some other random stuff.

    Im usually not this bad! Ive been a real label-monger lately!

    Then I wonder, am I nuts to return them? I am always being lured by the "original price" and this seems like a killer discount. Woooo. I like them a lot. I do almost love them. No doubt they'll be nice when broken in, but that price still seems high, given the delicate nature of the sole and the fact they arent even made in france or italy. AND... I dont know how bad I need green shoes. Another thing - I havent told my DH yet. He is normally supportive, but this time I dont think he would get it.

    I would be so jealous if I returned them and someone else got them! Am I just being greedy? Should I hang onto them or just be done with it and get my $$$ back? I dont think I could get much on ebay because Im not a seller, and theres no box.

    Ive really enjoyed the cheaper, more structured flat like Pour La Victoire:


    What do I do?
  2. ^^ what size are they? If they are my size I'll take them off your hands for ya!!!

    If you're not crazy about them then they aren't worth the money. While I personally love Lanvins, they are pricey, and if you prefer structured shoes, these definitely aren't it. It's completely your decision--if you are totally in love with them then keep them! If not, don't! That's usually how I decide on whether to keep my impulse buys or not.
  3. Thanks for your opinion meggyg8r. Nobody else wants to chime in? Its been like hours - Im going crazy! :confused1: I love yay or nay!
  4. I would keep them :yes: and to be honest I like them the most - more than the other choise you have. I had a similar pair of shoes, mine are cheaper, I bought them at Zara and were white but were very comfortable and I love to carry them! :smile:
    Maybe next month you could be firm and don't spend much. Congrats also for the Burberry trench, I love it so much, it's a pity they don't go on sale here in Italy :sad:
  5. I'd keep them. Christmas is coming soon and you can use your Christmas bonus to pay some of your debt. It's a shame to return those nice flats!! What a deal btw!!!
    I wouldn't say anything to my hubby about the price.
    Oh, and the other pair you posted, hmmm not a big fan...:hrmm:
  6. Well, if you are really, really over budget, you should either return them, or go on a ban for a while. However, I think that these are practical shoes that you will absolutely wear out. You got a really good deal on them. Do you feel like you will wear them a lot? If you do, then they are a good buy.

    I notice that you are in Chicago too! If you are a city girl, you will probably wear these until they fall apart. I seriously can't buy enough flats for all of the walking that I do! Let us know what you decide!
  7. Keep them! Lanvin flats are seriously the most comfortable flats and you got them at a great price!!! What is NR? Anyway, you should feel great about your purchase b/c I bet you'll love them forever.
  8. I say keep 'em! They're such a classic shape & shoe, and such a bargain! I have/had a pair of green ballet flats and used them so much I wore a hole through them (Marc Jacobs, not Lanvin). But if they're a 38-38.5 and you decide not to keep them.... ;) :P
  9. NR is Nordstrom Rack. Ive been stalking that store lately.
  10. keep keep!! isn't the retail like $400+????
  11. I think it was a really great deal but if you don't think you're going to wear them then even a great deal is a waste of money as it sits in your closet.
  12. ^^ yep, that is absolutely how it goes. No matter how good a deal it is (which this is!) if you aren't gonna wear them or you are gonna feel guilty about paying that much (or DH makes you feel guilty!) then they aren't worth it. It's a decision you're gonna have to make on your own!
  13. I would keep them. Those ballet flats are stunning.
  14. KEEP em... that's a great price and you'll get a ton of wear out of them.
  15. The original price is $515!