To keep or not to keep -- Gauffre Shopper arrived -- Help !

  1. I am starting to seriously wonder if the thrill of the sale hunt isn't more fun than the actual bag -- I never was much of a mail order kind of gal -- you may remember the first Prada I got from Bluefly went back. It did have a minute flaw and in person, it just didn't suit me. But I am in a real quandry over the satchel I just got yesterday.

    So, I really want opinions. Given the price of the new fall line so far -- do I keep this on sale for 1600 lambskin bag or send it back? It is much squooshier than I thought it would be in person. Minette -- I know you love that in a bag. Jill -- I know you love this bag but ... will you carry it this fall?

    And just so I can qualify to stick around in obsessiveness -- I got into a few outfits to go with it and made my hsb take photos (which actually helped swing things towards "I think I'm gonna keep it") as it does go well with all my brown clothes.

    Such decisions, right ??:confused1:
    pradaruchout2.jpg pradaruch.jpg pradaruchout3.jpg pradaruchout4.jpg pradaruch7.jpg
  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    jenskar - Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like a stick of butta and then w/ your outfits, crossbody or handheld, oy vey!!!!! What a stunner!

    What brought you doubts, the slouchiness??

    I just keep pulling the pics up to drool!
  3. Jenskar -- I think it looks *GREAT* on you...

    what is your hesitation? The color is gorgeous, the style is timeless...
    and it looks wonderful on you.

    If I saw you on the street, I'd be staring at your bag and thinking about how great you look with it! :yes:
  4. It's fabulous and brown goes with everything. It looks great on you and what a bargain!
  5. It looks great on you. I vote YES on the style, color, and leather. =)
  6. Jen, I have this bag in black and I LOVE it to pieces! Not only do I love it to pieces, I LOVE it even more everyday! I will happily wear this bag in winter1 Why not? :smile: I got mine in April and I've been wearing about 3 times a week since -- AND -- I have not worn a black bag in years!

    Jen -- it looks SWEEEET on you! Beautiful! I love it! Love the color, everything. :yahoo:

    Your pics are GREAT!
  7. I think it looks wonderful...what a gorgeous bag! And such a deal!
  8. Absolutely beautiful! :nuts:
  9. Brown is definitely a year round color, so no worries on that. I love the bag on everyone else, but I'm not a "hand held/messenger strap" kinda gal. I like shoulder carried bags much better.

    Once again it boils down to whether you are in love or not. When I open a box with a new bag in it, if I don't go OMG!!! instantly, I know it's going back. I'm at the point that I refuse to talk myself into any bag no matter what the price point.

    Even being a great sales price, $1600 is a LOT of money to be lukewarm about the bag. Frankly, you sound lukewarm.
  10. HOLY MOLY! U got this on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

    I paid full price for mine..I have the same one and its my ALL TIME FAVE GAUFFRE BAG!
    U will live in it in the fall!!!!!KEEP IT!
  11. Gorgeous bag. Looks great on you. Keep it.

    Where did you get this on sale? I want one. Also, what color is this?
  12. Wow! That bag is a keeper!!! I remember seeing this style for sale on Bluefly on a couple of you ladies really think that this color is good for all year around? I thought it looked for fall/winter....
  13. Its a gorgeous bag, but only keep it if you LOVE it. Better to buy something you love at full price then something you aren't crazy about on sale.
  14. Thank you everyone !!!

    Alouette, you are such a sweetie -- could feel the enthusiasm in your words and I so appreciate that !!

    The bag arrived the same day as Minette's -- I think you live near me Minette, and man was it hot here. I tried taking modelling pics that night and felt so hot and sweaty and icky, I don't think I would have liked anything.

    So, the heat broke last night, I was able to put on some clothes that looked decent and once I saw the pictures, my mood and feeling about the bag did about a 180 but I still wasn't totally sure.

    Now -- having cropped off my head so I almost feel like I'm looking at someone else, I feel like I can see the bag for what it is and I'm liking it alot. I'm also noticing I have a thing for brown and white and probably don't need to match my living room but ..... that's another story !!

    pad, sarajane, bag.lover, lhasa, kelly, sappho, lee, bisbee thank you !!

    Jill - I remember you saying you had one when I ordered it from Bluefly and it was your fave !

    PP -- you're right and that's what worried me when I opened the box. But I think it was the heat more than the bag. I hate hot and sticky and I don't know that anything would have made me jump for joy that night !

    Lhasa -- it was on Bluefly and it's walnut. The Bluefly pic made it look darker but it's pretty rich. They had a camel for awhile too.

    Minette -- did you decide about yours ???
  15. I saw one on bluefly yesterday. It's not there today. Wish I had not dragged my feet and ordered it.:crybaby: Let me know if you decide not to keep it.;)