to keep or not to keep? eucalyptus birkin

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  1. hi fellow tpf ers. need help! just got offered this B30 eucalyptus fjord GHW. it was an impulse buy thinking that the color is versatile. i already have a dark colored birkin (b35 indigo) and usually lean to bright colors. and now im Second guessing. A friend has offered to take it of my hands. what should i do. the color reminds me of horse poop LOL. i dont hate it or love it either. should i let it go and wait until who knows when to be offered a color i really like or just keep this little baby? any info on fjord leather owners?

  2. I think she's beautiful and I love her veiny-ness (is that a word?) but you must love her.
    FYI, depending on their diet, horse poo is more Alezan...
  3. LOL! actually yess ur right most horse poo looks Alezan. My DH refered to the color as rotten spinach -.-
  4. I personally think this color is beautiful!!
    However, I cannot wear it because it makes me look like death, brings out all the wrong tones in my skin...

    I say if you don't absolutely LOVE it, you shouldn't keep it. There are too many other colors out there to "settle."
  5. I was offered a Eucalyptus Birkin 35 exactly like this one, but I turned it down, as it isn't "green" enough for me. It looked like an olive green, with more brown than shows in your pic.....maybe it was the lighting....It's several seasons now that I'm looking for a real green, but still no luck!

    If you like the colour, keep it. It also depends what other colours you have.....
  6. I like the colour and think it will offer tone aswell as contrast to a variety of coloured outfits.
  7. If you have this post here that means you don't really like it. Let go and the next one will be better.
    This color is not my must have item. I won't take it if I am offered it. ;)
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    It not that common.... so it´s a very special bag!
    You don´t see it very often!

    But if it isn´t your color let it be.
    It wouldn´t be my color, so I would try to get an other color.
  9. If you have doubts, let it go. It's a lot to spend on something you don't totally love.
  10. Agree.
  11. Sounds like you don't love it.
  12. You clearly do not love this bag. What do I think? I think it's stunning! It would go very well with all the brown/grey/black/taupe colors I wear all winter long (I never carry my Kelly's in the summer so don't worry about that). It's a great, classic neutral - sort of the color of a Barbour waxed jacket. But if you prefer bright colors, it's not for you.
  13. I think it's a great color for fall esp with the gold hardware. I would keep it. Green is a difficult color, either you love it or hate it. Keep it only if you will use it!
  14. I think it's a beautiful classic and I love the ghw on it.
    But most important is, YOU have to love it. It's really too much money to spend on something that you don't love for 100%.
    You might want to have a look at your wardrobe, to see if you can make this bag work.
    Take a few days to think about it and if you still feel the same by then, I would let it go and wait for a color that makes your heart sing :smile:.
  15. I was very curious to see this color in a handbag! Thanks for posting. I have only seen in SLG. I recall that when a KD was listed on in this color, other PFers posted that the KD looked like baby poop or something. I actually thought it was pretty. But in a handbag, I must say, sadly, the only thing I love about this bag is the hardware. I say let your friend truly enjoy it and you get something that makes your heart sing ;)
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