To keep or not: my Chanel rect mini lambskin

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  1. Hi all,
    I got my Chanel rect mini turquoise lambskin. I am not sure whether to keep or not as the lambskin is very delicate. Do you think this bag will have color transfer issues down the road?What do you think ? Is this bag a keeper or return? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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  2. I think it's a lovely bag and if the colour works for you it will be a terrific addition to your wardrobe. Speaking for myself, I tend to buy dark colours for such expensive bags as they are easy to care. I don't find lambskin delicate- I have several Chanel lambskin and love the luxurious feel, nothing like it! Colour transfer is more about the clothes. For example if the colour of the fabric hasn't set there is transfer, it's not really the bags fault.
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  3. Exactly as @ladysarah has said. I can testify for the durability of lambskin. Today something dreadful happened. As I entered the tube (London underground) the doors closed and my bag got trapped between the doors. Thankfully I had put my mini inside a soft and thick canvas bag as I didn't want people to bump into it (ha!) but nonetheless it was still squashed inside. I felt like crying. Felt physically sick. I couldn't bring myself to check it for a while but when I did I was so pleased to see that it was fine- a very minor scratch on the back which rubbed out. Bag intact. Panic over but I will be more careful next time!
  4. Thanks for your opinion . I'm looking to wear this as an everyday bag and crossbody so that why I'm concerned about the quick wear on the lambskin. I saw a preorder list for the caviar rect mini black a few days ago so I'm not sure if I should return this one and be on the preorder list for the black caviar mini rect. I'm so torn . Do you think this bag will have a good resale value if I decide to sell it in the future ?
  5. If I were you I think I would have a panic attack lol. Glad your bag came out fine :smile: hopefully you can buff out the minor scratch on the you think this color is versatile and can be dressed up or down?
  6. Yes I have buffed it out, thank goodness! I can your turquoise bag would look lovely with white dresses, blue denim, grey sweaters etc. Have a look online and on instagram for inspiration- that helps me a lot. My advice would be only keep the bags you are 100% sure about.
  7. If you aren't 100% sure you love and want to keep the bag, then I'd return it for the black caviar one. Bags used for cross-body wear will be more prone to taking on color from any non-colorfast clothing you wear. If you plan to use it every day then I'd go with black caviar.
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  8. I agree with this. If it's an everyday bag, and you're also concerned about resale value down the road, I would exchange for black caviar.

    For one thing, you won't have to worry about color transfer from dark jeans, which seem to be the main culprit, especially with cross-body bags. For another, it's virtually impossible to scratch caviar leather. If the turquoise bag were really making your heart sing, then you wouldn't even be concerned about these things, you'd be out prancing around town and twirling through the fields with your new love, LOL. A Chanel bag is too expensive, and too special, not to love with your whole heart, know what I mean?
  9. I think it looks really beautiful....but the more important question to ask yourself is "How does it make you feel when you look at it, hold it and pair it with items in your closet???" For me, I know a bag is coming home and staying there if it makes my heart race and I can also envision it with many items in my closet. Good luck deciding! :heart::heart:
  10. If you are second guessing your purchase and doesn't make your heart pitter patter, return it. Don't settle :smile:
  11. I love colorful lambskin handbags. Your heart told you to buy it for a reason. I would keep it and just be aware of what you're wearing where the handbag will rub against. It's so pretty. Sure, black is always a good choice. But I don't buy handbags for resale value. I buy what my heart wants.
    Good luck deciding!
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  12. Yea I believe caviar is more durable for everyday use. Last time I checked for preorder and waiting list has been filled up for the rect mini Caviar blk super disappointed . Can't believe that it's filled up that fast.

    Thanks for your advice. I still have 30 days to think about it. I really love this color but just afraid of the lambskin so we'll see .

    Thanks dextersmom. When I tried it on again, i was having second thoughts as the color looks very pretty and it didn't look long when worn crossbody.Decisions decisions ....

    Yea I will think it over . Thanks for your comments.

    Same here . I love this vibrant color and I don't see a lot of people carrying this color. also this is one of my faves color so can't resist when I saw it. That's being said I just worry about the longevity and durability of this bag. I've seen online some really bad color transfers on this particular bag and how it ages quickly .My head is saying to return but my heart is saying keep . Aargh dilemma .... Thanks again for your comments. Really appreciated. I still have some time to think.
  13. Ok, in light of your recent comments . . . I'm changing my mind. It sounds like you love this bag!

    LIFE IS SHORT. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow or next week or next year, so carry the bag that you LOVE. The bag that you love TODAY. Don't try to make a "smart" decision - you're not trying to balance the national budget here; this is about YOUR own sense of style and beauty. If your heart really wants a black caviar bag down the road, they'll always be around. My new tune - enjoy this gorgeous bag, take care of it, and don't worry about what it's going to look like in 20 years. All bags break in. This bag may not look NEW forever, but it will AlWAYS be beautiful.

    There's my four cents (now that I've added two more, LOL).
  14. Definitely a keeper, I love it!!
    And lambskin might be delicate itself but I think because of the quilting/chevron its more "care-free"
    What's in your collection? Do you have a lot of black bags? If you do, a cute pop of color won't hurt but if it's your first CF and you intend to use it as an everyday maybe go for a more classic and versatile color
  15. Couldn't agree more!!