To keep or let go

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  1. So torn about my classic MBMJ ukita.

    I like the color and size but lovvveee the leather. I recently boight a mini Natasha. Its lretty , functional but the leather is thinner than that on my Ukita.

    I prefer to keep my handbags limited ( less than 7) and try to keep just one of a brand to help have maximum variety with least number of bags. So thinkjng of letting go by Ukita. But its soo hard.... I prefer crossbody and Ukita looks a little bulky with a crossbody strap. But the leather ❤️❤️

    Any suggestions?!
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  3. The Ukita is more of a fall/winter color, IMO, while the Mini Natasha is more of a spring/summer color. Does one go with your wardrobe more than the other? Do you need a larger bag like the Ukita or do you only carry enough for the mini?

    If it helps the decision any, MJ and MBMJ don't sell well, and you're probably not going to be able to get enough for either of them to warrant bothering to talk yourself out of one.
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  4. Thanks Faith! ended up selling one. U are right, the resale isnt good but luckily i never oaid much for my bag to begin with so, worked out ok. Though its sad cus mBMJ has one of the best leather in the contemporary lines