To Juicy or not to Juicy?

  1. I am considering purchasing one of the new Juicy bags, but I'm undecided as to which one to get. The terry ones are cute, but I'm afraid that they are a little young looking for me (I'm 32). The leather ones are nice, but for that price, I might could find something like a Botkier or Kooba on sale.
    What is the quality like on Juicy bags? Would one of the cheaper terry ones look silly? :s Any help would be great since I'm having to buy online.
  2. Juicy bags are ok...i guess. If you are going with leather, maybe consider a baby fluff leather bag? TThe leather is super soft and long lasting. You can also find terry cloth juicy bags at marshalls or tjmax! I bought my 175dollar babyfluff in terry for 80 dollars. Terry ones are good for everyday errands like grocery/dry cleaner/ gym....etc I think they are nicely casual-especially when ur in sweats running errands! Being dressed down and wearin a really nice leather 500dollar bag does not match! Hope this helps!
  3. I'll have to keep a look out at my TJ Maxx. I live in a pretty rural area so even our stores like that are depressingly low on designers.
  4. I personally dont think you are too old for that towelling juicy. I have seen older people with them
  5. I like the Juicy leathers...the cloth ones are way too young for me personally.

  6. Hmmm...I personally think Juicy Bags are too young for anyone out of their teens or early twenties, terry or otherwise. I'd definently save for that Botkier :smile:
  7. I have a Juicy leather clutch, and I love it.

    I'm 26 and I don't feel too old to be using it.
  8. I think I'm just going to save for either the Kooba or Botkier. If I'm having doubts before I even get around to buying it, I'm sure I'll have buyer's remorse. So I'll just keep an eye out for a good sale on one that I "have" to have instead of one that I think I want.

    I may buy some Juicy socks instead.
  9. Juicy bags are so cute and I love them. The price is not too expensive and it's practical.
  10. Get the leather Baby Fluff! The leather feels amazing and is well-worth the price.
  11. Good choice! I bet the socks will be really comfy. I'm a sock fanatic (almost as much as bags!)
  12. I love the new light blue daydreamer tote! I'm 22 and I live in 2Bfree and juicy sweats on the weekend and my other bags almost look too nice with those kind of clothes, I think I'm going to take some money from my tax return and buy it!
  13. My little sister got a light green terry juicy bag last year (she is 14 now) and it did not hold up very well - got really dirty and looks kinda dingy and weird. She didn't take very good care of it though. I LOVED it when she first got it, but after a few days I realized that it is really young looking and a little too flashy for me (I am 22). Maybe you could go w/ something from COACH? They are somewhat reasonable and more of a classic design.
  14. I picked up a Juicy terry bowler in Macy's yesterday. It's the first time I had ever seen a Juicy bag in person (the Macy's here doesn't normally carry Juicy, but somehow they got this one). It was better looking in person than I thought it would be, and the quality seemed pretty good. However, I am 27 and even I felt to old to be carrying something like that. I may be more conservative than others though.
  15. Juicy bags are so cute and I love them!